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Bibliography and List of Maps


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List of Maps

1776 Coates, G., & Son, Plan of the Roads Leading from Arle Cross to Pilford Lane, Taken July 10 1776
1787 Dance, F., Survey & Terrier of Houses and Lands in Cheltenham ... belonging to the President & Scholars of Corpus Christi College, Oxon., 1787 (CCC, Fe 10/2)
1798 Billings, Thomas, Map of Turnpike Road from Gallows Oak to Fifth Milestone in Parish of Withington (June 1798; at Bailey Donaldson, Vittoria Walk)
1806 Mitchell, Edward, Plan of Cheltenham, published 11 Oct. 1806 by A. Dalrymple 1806-10 2nd edition of Mitchell's map, published by Faden 1810
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1825 Tovey, J., Cheltenham (published by S. Y. Griffith & Co.) 1834 Merrett, H. S., Plan of the Town of Cheltenham and its Vicinity
1835 Tithe Apportionment map, Leckhampton (copy by G. Gwatkin, 1993)
1841 Tithe Apportionment map, Swindon (copy by G. Gwatkin, 1993)
1842 Tithe Apportionment map, Prestbury (copy by G. Gwatkin, 1993)
1843 Davies, Henry, Plan of the Town of Cheltenham
1855-7 Large-scale water and sewerage plan, known as the Old Town Survey. Original held by Cheltenham Borough Council, copy at Gloucestershire Record Office.
1864 Dangerfield, H., Plan of Town of Cheltenham and its Vicinity published by S. C. Harper) 1825
1870 Humphris, D. J., Plan of Cheltenham (at Bailey Donaldson, Vittoria Walk) 1825
1884 First edition of 1:2,500 Ordnance Survey; most sheets published 1885 but mainly surveyed in 1884
1897 Norman, Sawyer & Co, Plan of Cheltenham