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Searches may be made using single keywords and phrases (in double quotes e.g. "High Street").   Use the usual three operators [and , or, not] between single keywords and phrases to limit the range of the search.  If you do not put an "and" or "or" between items then an "and" is automatically assumed.  You can also use brackets (.....), to group items e.g. (Up or Down) and Hatherley.

Keywords will match all words containing the keyword, e.g. court will match   Court, Courtfield, Newcourt etc.  Where this is a problem you can achieve an exact match (but for one word only) by adding a # to the end of the word, e.g.   Court#   which will only match Court. The search is case insensitive, so 'Smith' will match 'Smith' and 'smith'.

Use a modern streetmap of Cheltenham to search for specific street names.

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