Data Processing Policy

BGAS Members

BGAS holds the following personal data for each of its members, being name, honours, awards and titles, address and (where provided) telephone number and email address; state of subscription, whether gift aided, and any arrears; category of membership and whether member of BGAS Record Series; and other information relevant to or connected with the individual’s membership, including necessary financial information from those electing to pay subscriptions by Standing Order or online, as more particularly set out in the Society’s Information Asset Survey [under review].

BGAS holds this information in order to:

  • Record the names and number of its members
  • Administer the collection of subscriptions and other moneys due to or from the Society
  • Provide members with publications and notices about meetings and other matters in accordance with its contracts with those members
  • Send notices of subscription arrears and other matters affecting membership.

Other individuals

BGAS also holds contact details as more particularly set out in the Information Asset Survey for a small number of individuals who may or may not be members, principally those who have requested to receive the Society’s email alerts, those who have bought books from the Society or contacted the Society through its website, potential speakers at meetings and individuals applying to attend field day and residential meetings of the Society.

Processing of data

BGAS’s responsibilities towards the data and to the individuals concerned, and to individuals’ rights, are stated in its Privacy Notice, which may be seen on the website. In order to comply with current (as of 25 May 2018) legislation, B&GAS will only process the data where there is a lawful basis for so doing under the law from time to time in force. The responsibility for this will lie with the person appointed for the purpose by the Society’s Council at any given time (currently the Society’s General Secretary in his capacity as such).


The BGAS membership list will be maintained by the Membership Secretary or nominated deputy and the list (or versions thereof) will be available to officers of the Society and others on a “need to know” basis, as more particularly set out in the Information Asset Survey. Notices sent by email will normally be sent by blind carbon copy (bcc) so that recipients cannot see others’ email addresses. Emails will only be sent in visible form when there is lawful basis for doing so.

All enquiries relating to the above policy should be addressed to the General Secretary

This Policy was agreed at a meeting of the Council of the Society on 25 April 2018.