Lend a hand

We’d like additional help to keep the Society running smoothly. Most of these roles don’t need special skills, just a few hours of your time. We can provide mentoring and support.

  • assistant membership secretary – understudy to current membership secretary, so that we have a back-up at all times. Requires practical familiarity with Excel and using forms to maintain a Microsoft Access database
  • book-stock manager – to maintain spreadsheet of stock of current and past publications, and dispatch postal/web sales orders. Less than one hour a week
  • secretary for Gloucestershire section – to organise a seasonal talks programme (secure speakers, book venues and/or make online arrangements).  Averaging several hours per month, but with peaks and troughs
  • website manager – this one does need a degree of IT expertise, including familiarity with WordPress. Small number of hours per week initially, reducing over time as this website beds in

For further details on any of these, contact the General Secretary