Report of the BGAS Annual General Meeting for 2022

The 145th Annual General Meeting was held online on Saturday 23 April 2022. Fifty-six members were present. The meeting was opened by the General Secretary, who welcomed members to the AGM.  Before the start of the formal business Dr Barton reported the results of a consultative ballot all members had been invited to participate in prior to the meeting.

President for 2021-22, Mr Michael Hare, then took the chair and invited the Honorary General Secretary to present highlights of the Report of Council for 2021, copies of which had been previously circulated. The most significant issue to affect BGAS in 2021 were the preparations necessary to reform the governance of the Society, which involved transitioning from a Council of 30 members to a smaller Board of no more than 12 Trustees.  The adoption of Report of Council for 2021 was unanimously agreed.

A copy of the Trustees’ Statutory Report and Accounts and the Independent Examiner’s Report had been circulated to members prior to the meeting. In accordance with the governance reforms agreed at our 2021 AGM, Council dissolved on 31 December, having appointed 8 interim trustees to manage the Society’s affairs until formal elections could be held.  An improved version of the BGAS website had been introduced in February 2021 and a new library agreement had been signed in October, which ensured our continuing tenancy at the University of Gloucester until 2026. The 2021 BGAS accounts confirmed that the Society’s overall financial position remained sound.  The adoption of Trustees’ Statutory Report and Accounts for 2021 was unanimously agreed.

Dr Graham Barton, Secretary for the Committee for Archaeology in Gloucestershire, presented highlights the committee’s report for 2021, which had been previously circulated. The Committee for Archaeology in Gloucestershire became a BGAS standing committee on 1 January 2022, and this was CAG’s last report to the AGM as an autonomous committee.

Mrs Gail Boyle reported on the progress made in 2021 by the working party overseeing preparations for the Society’s 150th anniversary in 2026.  This report had been prepared by the Dr James Hodsdon shortly before his untimely death and Mrs Boyle paid tribute James’s role in chairing this working party and the leading part he had played in modernising the Society.

The President proposed the election of Mr Bob Jones as President for 2022-23.  He was elected by acclamation and took the Chair for the rest of the meeting.

The President proposed the election of Ms Jan Wills as President-elect. Ms Wills was elected by acclamation. The meeting signified its approval for the election of Miss Angie Newcombe as Vice President to 2025 and the election of Trustees for 2022-23. The appointment of Miss Sue Brown as independent examiner for 2022 was approved; 49 members voted in favour, with 1 abstention and 0 votes against.

The President called upon the Honorary General Secretary to introduce proposals from the interim Trustees to amend Rules 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 15, 19, 20, 21 and 22.  These amendments concerned rules relating to membership, voting procedures, quoracy and specific legislative references.  The proposed revisions were all agreed unanimously.

Mr Michael Hare concluded the meeting by giving his Presidential Address, entitled; The survival of the 17th-century chancel fittings of St Mary’s church, Deerhurst during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Graham J Barton

Hon General Secretary

Results of Formal Votes

Motion 1- Adoption of Council’s 2021 report: For  47, Against 0,  Abstain 0

Motion 2- Adoption of Trustees’ 2021 report and accounts: For 48, Against 0, Abstain 0

Motion 3- Appointment of independent examiner for 2022: For 49, Against 0, Abstain 1

Motion 4- Approval to amend membership rules: For 50, Against 0, Abstain 0

Motion 5- Approval to amend voting rules: For 48, Against 0, Abstain 0

Motion 6- Approval to amend quoracy rules: For 52, Against 0, Abstain 0

Motion 7- Approval to amend legislative references: For 49, Against 0, Abstain 0

Motion 5- Approval for minor amendments to other rules: For 47, Against 0, Abstain 0