Previous grants

This listing of grants made by the Society over the last ten years will give you an idea of the great range of research and practical work we have supported.


Grant paid to University of Gloucestershire for a prize to encourage undergraduate work in history

Grant paid to Slimbridge Local History Society towards geophysical investigations

Series of grants paid to Crickley Hill Archaeological trust towards digitisation of investigation records

Grant to support Gloucester History Festival presentations on local history in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire

Bristol: grant to Historic Towns Trust towards a new map of historic Bristol

Gloucester: grant offered to St Mary de Crypt Trust towards conservation and display of excavated Roman stonework

Bristol: grant offered to Bristol City Council towards Bristol’s Brilliant Archaeology events


Gloucester: grant to Gloucester City Council towards publication of reports of investigations at Blackfriars

Grant to Breaking Ground Heritage to support rehabilitation of ex-servicemen through archaeological work in this area

Bursary to help a student gain experience on a local dig

Grant to Crickley Hill Archaeological Trust as above


Pinbury: Grant to an author for professional map drawing to illustrate published work

Slimbridge: grant to Local History Society towards geophysical investigations


Cirencester: grant to Corinium Museum towards improvements

Bursary to a Bristol student intending to read archaeology at university towards travel costs to participate in a dig abroad

Twyning: grant to Newcastle University to support archaeological investigations following metal detector finds

Grant to Gloucester City Council towards excavation and publication costs

Severn vale: grant to a Bristol University postgraduate student to support research in south Gloucestershire

Salmonsbury: grant to Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust towards paleoenvironmental investigation


Abbey Camp Roman Settlement: Grant paid for a fieldwork supervisor for one month.


Upper Quay Street and Lady Bellegate Street, Gloucester: The Society supported match-funding of the results of excavations that had been completed 1989 and 1991.

Geophysical Survey at Twyning: Part-funding of geophysical survey aiming to locate an early medieval manufacturing site.

Research into the 1607 Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary Flood: Grant towards travelling expenses to various archives holding research material.

Research into the decline of the textile industry in the Stroud area: Small grant towards research costs at Gloucestershire Archives, into responses to decline of the textile industry within the Frome Valley, Stroud.


Further excavations at Bagendon: Grant support to Durham University team continuing the excavations of the Late Iron Age oppidum complex.

Geophysical Survey of Campden House: Grant towards costs of survey carried out for the Chipping Campden History Society.

St Mary’s Church, Deerhurst: Grant for photogrammetric survey of the south elevation of this Anglo-Saxon church, enabling examination of its phases of construction, and greater understanding of its development.


Bristol’s commercial shipping: Grant towards costs of visiting Kew to compile case records involving ships and mariners from Bristol.

Further excavations at Bagendon: A further grant of £1000 towards Durham University investigations, to clarify understanding of the chronology and role of the ‘banjo’ enclosure in the oppidum.

New Guide to the grounds of Kings Weston House: Grant to the Kings Weston Action Group for the production of a guide to the historic landscape around the Grade 1 listed Kings Weston House north of Bristol, intended to  enable the general public to appreciate this important registered landscaped parkland.

Analysis of human skeletal remains form Berkeley: Grant towards University of Bristol costs for analysis of human skeletal remains recovered in 2007-8 excavation seasons.

Survey of Sudeley Castle estate: Grant towards cost of comprehensive analytical earthwork and geophysical survey of the castle estate, part of the Sudeley Castle Archaeology Research Project.

Aerial Photograph of River Severn feature: Grant towards cost of photographing visible remains of a newly-identified 18th century breakwater in the River Severn called Hock Crib.

Pottery analysis at Kingsholm, Gloucester: Grant towards analysis of finds from the Kingsholm community archaeology project, which had been funded by the HLF and the Society.


History on your doorstep- Kingsholm Archaeology: Grant towards a geophysical survey and test pitting in support of an HLF-funded community archaeology project, focussing on the history and archaeology of the Kingsholm area of Gloucester.

Sample Excavation at Bagendon: Grant towards the cost of equipment hire and transport, supporting Durham University’s sample excavation of a ‘banjo’ style enclosure within the Late Iron Age Bagendon oppidum complex.


The Bristol and South Gloucestershire Felt Hat Industry: Grant towards expenses in visiting archives, libraries and museums for research into felt hat industry of Bristol and South Gloucestershire (in some twenty villages between Rangeworthy and Oldland Common) from 1530 onwards.

Archaeological Evaluation of floor area of Deerhurst Church: Grant towards fees for professional supervision and surveying to record features  uncovered during excavation by the Friends of Deerhurst church.