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New Volumes

We are accepting orders for our latest publications:

Past Publications

Due to the precautions surrounding COVID-19 we have suspended the sale of past publications until further notice.

List of books published by the Society since 1988.

Record Series

Each year the Society publishes a volume of records relating to the history of the county. We have published 30 volumes since 1988.

Further texts are being discussed with potential editors, and it is hoped to find editors for the sixteenth-century inquisitions post mortem, episcopal visitations and land tax records, census enumerators’ books, Gloucester city leases, Prinn’s survey of Cheltenham, and accounts of the estates of Tewkesbury abbey. Prospective editors are invited to communicate with the Honorary General Editor

Dr. James Hodsdon
Brook House
49 Pittville Crescent Lane
GL52 2RA

Secondhand copies of out of print volumes are occasionally available. If you are interested in acquiring an out of print volume, contact the Honorary Secretary.

If you wish to avoid postage costs, please contact the Honorary Secretary with a list of the volumes required to arrange payment and collection from Gloucester.


The editor of the series is:

David Smith,
22 Beaumont Road,
Gloucester GL2 0EJ
01452 302610
[email protected]

Suggestions from potential authors for future volumes are welcomed.

Guidelines for monograph authors

The text should be based on original research into aspects of the history of Bristol and/or Gloucestershire in whole or in part, but wider regional studies are not excluded.

Applications must include

1. Full contact details
2. An estimate of the length in words of the full work including appendices and index
3. Details of any previous attempts to publish it with copies of the publishers' comments
4. A statement in support of the work from a person employed in an academic post in a university or institution of higher learning or other appropriate person. This statement must include a short CV and an assurance that the referee has read the work in full in the form in which it is offered for consideration.
5. A summary of the text (1000 words maximum)
6. A statement as to how the work contributes new information or insights into the field of study.