Older Record publications ("the Green Series")

Between 1952 and 1985, the Record Section of BGAS issued 13 editions of Bristol and Gloucestershire records and related material, along with a one-off joint production with the Bristol Record Society in 1988. They are all now out of print, but can generally be found on second-hand book sites.

The content of these books remains of value, so we have scanned all titles as searchable pdfs. Here is a checklist for the whole series, with pdf downloads indicated as appropriate (note, larger books are split into two or more pdfs, to keep file sizes below 5MB):

11952Marriage Bonds for the Diocese of Bristol, 1637-1700 pdf1 pdf2 pdf3D Hollis & E Ralph
21954Gloucestershire Marriage Allegations, 1637-80 I pdf1 pdf2 pdf3B Frith
31956Registers of St Augustine the Less, Bristol, 1577-1700 pdf1 pdf2 pdf3 pdf4A Sabin
41960Parish Registers of Dymock, Gloucester-shire, 1538-1790 pdf1 pdf2 pdf3I Gray and J Gethin-Jones
51963Guide to the Parish Records of Bristol & Gloucestershire pdf1 pdf2 pdf3E Ralph & I Gray
61967Church Book of St Ewens, Bristol, 1454-1584 pdf1 pdf2 pdf3 B Masters & E Ralph
71968Cheltenham Settlement Examinations, 1815-1826 pdfI Gray
81969Local Government in Gloucestershire,     1775-1800: a Study of the Justices of the Peace pdf1 pdf2E Moir
91970Gloucestershire Marriage Allegations II, 1681-1700 pdf1 pdf2B Frith
101972The Commission for Ecclesiastical Causes, 1574 pdf1 pdf2F Price
111976An Ecclesiastical Miscellany pdf1 pdf2 pdf3D Walker, W Sheils & J Kent
121981Antiquaries of Gloucestershire and Bristol pdf1 pdf2
I Gray
131985Account Books of Thomas Smith of Ireley Farm, Hailes, Gloucestershire, 1865-71 pdf1, pdf2C Miller
1988Guide to the Probate Inventories of the Bristol Deanery of the Diocese of Bristol (1542-1804) (produced jointly with Bristol Record Society, and available via the BRS website here)E & S George