BGAS Transactions

The Transactions are the Society’s annual journal.  A new softback volume is published each spring and is distributed free to members.

Edited to an exemplary standard, each issue contains reports of archaeological excavations, articles of original historical research, book reviews and reports of the Society’s activities during the year. The 138 volumes already issued are a treasure trove of information on Bristol and Gloucestershire, and are our most frequently consulted resource. To explore the Transactions, visit the search page.

Abstracts for each volume are made available on publication. The full text of articles are added five years after publication, meaning that you can currently access all years from Vol 1 up to 2015.

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Main articles in the current issue (Vol 138, published April 2021):

  • D. Viner, ‘Spokes in a Wheel: The Cirencester Network of Turnpike Roads in the 19th Century’ (Presidential Address 2020)
  • P. Moore, ‘A Tale of Two Barrows: A Reassessment and Validation of the Victorian Identification of Two Cotswold-Severn Long Barrows
  • J. Cook et al., ‘An early Bronze Age burial and late Saxon and early Medieval features at Tutshill, Tidenham
  • H. Bryant-Buck et al., ‘Bronze Age settlement and Romano-British fields at Homelands Farm, Bishop’s Cleeve
  • S. Thomson, ‘A prehistoric enclosure at Wheatpieces, Tewkesbury
  • J. Hart, ‘An Early to Middle Iron Age settlement on the Cotswold uplands: excavations at Grange Hill Quarry, Naunton, 1999–2017
  • A. Armstrong, ‘Unpublished Excavations in Gloucester’ (at Upper Quay Street 1989, Ladybellegate Street 1991, at Ladybellegate Street and Commercial Road 1994-95 and 2010-2012), and ‘Gloucester’s Roman waterfront: a reconsideration
  • C. Mason, ‘The Medieval Hospital of St. Katherine: excavations at Factory No. 1, Bedminster, Bristol, 2015–18
  • D. Fogden, ‘Two 13th-Century Knights and their Substitute Agreement
  • T. Brain, ‘“For the Preservation of the Peace”: The foundation and early years of the Gloucestershire Constabulary
  • P. Malpass & W. Evans, ‘Bishop Monk and the Horfield Question: another view
  • M.J. Crossley Evans, ‘A brief sketch of the life of Thomas Mark Cottle (1839-1914) and of Primitive Methodism in Bristol in the 19th century
  • R. Coates, ‘The name and the saint of St Tecla’s Island’.

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