Committee for Archaeology in Gloucestershire

Technically a standalone body, but for many years closely associated with BGAS, the role of CAG is to promote archaeology in all its aspects, with special reference to Bristol and Gloucestershire. It does this primarily by bringing together representatives of the organisations directly involved with archaeological work in the county, both professional and independent.

Areas of Concern

The aspects of archaeology that concern CAG include:

  • How information on archaeological sites in the county is collected, recorded and made accessible.
  • How archaeological work in the county can be better co-ordinated, and its scope widened.
  • How important sites may be preserved and made more accessible to the public.
  • How publication of archaeological work can be assisted.
  • How public interest and understanding of archaeological work can be increased.

The Work of CAG

In recent years the increasing professionalisation of archaeology and its closer relationship with the planning process have imposed some constraints on the exchange of information, making it more important than ever to maintain close contacts between independent and professional archaeologists. Representatives of the relevant groups in Gloucestershire now meet three times a year.

CAG is a body where a wider view of archaeological priorities can be discussed than would be possible within any one of its constituent groups. Where conclusions can be reached, there is also the advantage that these can be published as a consensus view that possibly has greater weight than statements from any single group, which may be constrained by its organisational position. A simple example of this is that CAG could formally support a research project that is seeking funds from English Heritage or CBA.

Another valuable function of CAG is to assist independent (amateur) groups with technical advice that will enable appropriate research projects to be selected and designed, which the professional units may be unable to resource themselves. The unpaid but enthusiastic membership of independent groups is an asset which should be fully utilised, with professional encouragement and advice.

Three long standing CAG responsibilities are the annual Archaeological Review published by BGAS, and the Annual Symposium that provides the public with high quality lectures on a range of current topics and progress in the county and the provision of a resource list of useful contacts for further information on specific aspects of archaeology in Gloucestershire.

Further Information

CAG wishes to encourage independent groups with an interest in the archaeology of Gloucestershire to send a representative to CAG meetings. No fees or subscriptions are required.

Further information may be obtained from CAG Honorary Secretary, John Loosley, Stonehatch, Oakridge Lynch, Stroud GL6 7NR Tel. 01285 760460 Email