Our New President

Bob Jones has been a professional archaeologist for 50 years specialising in urban archaeology, especially of the medieval and post-medieval periods, although in his career, he has investigated sites from the Roman period onwards. He started his career in Lincoln where he spent 9 happy years excavating many sites, of all periods. He moved to Bristol in 1981 and almost immediately undertook an excavation in Redcliffe, followed soon afterwards by the excavation of the former great house of William Canynges, also in Redcliffe. He developed an interest in the potential of waterlogged archaeological sites, having excavated such sites in both Lincoln and Bristol. He spent the last 24 years of his career as City Archaeologist for Bristol, working with planners, developers and architects, setting standards and policy and ensuring that developments were accompanied by suitable archaeological mitigation. He co-authored a major assessment of Bristol’s archaeology, funded by Historic England and published in 2018 by Oxbow Books. Most recently he was part of a team that produced an historic map of Bristol, Bristol in 1480, published by the Historic Towns Trust.