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Contents for volume 1 (1876)
Note on Prehistoric Interments of the Cotteswold DistrictG. Rolleston55-58
The Archives of the City of GloucesterK. H. Fryer59-68
Remarks on The Manor, Advowson and Demesne Land of English Bicknor, Co. GloucesterJ. Maclean69-95
Notes on the Church and Priory of DeerhurstG. Butterworth96-104
On the recent destruction of a Gloucestershire MehirG. F. Playne105-106
Aid against the TurksE. A. Fuller107-110
On the Anthropology of GloucestershireJ. Beddoe111-114
Berkeley CastleG. T. Clark115-146
The Crypt of Gloucester CathedralF. S. Waller147-152
On the Roman Wall of GloucesterJ. Bellows153-166
Churchdown in ye XII CenturyF. Smithe167-172
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Contents for volume 2 (1877-78)
Proceedings at Cirencester1-26
On the Tyndales in GloucestershireJ. H. Cooke29-46
Stowell House and ParkH. S. Gael47-52
Remarks upon the Fairford WindowsJ. G. Joyce53-91
On the Ancient Church Plate at CirencesterW. J. Cripps92-103
Seizure of Arms in the County of Gloucester in 1684J. Maclean104-117
On the three Periods, known as the Iron, the Bronze, and the Stone AgesG. H. Moberly128-150
On the Monumental Brasses at CirencesterG. Rolleston151-162
Proceedings at Gloucester189-193
Notes on the Tombs in Tewkesbury AbbeyS Symonds194-209
On the probable date of the Foundation of Glevum, and its occupation by the Second LegionE. Hubner210-215
Observations on the Iron Cinders found in the Forest of Dean and its NeighbourhoodG. Wyrall216-234
Arms of the City of GloucesterJ. D. T. Niblett235-240
Some Records of Matson, in the County of Gloucester, and of the SelwynsW. Bazeley241-284
Tenures - of Land, by the Customary Tenants in CirencesterE. A. Fuller285-319
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Contents for volume 3 (1878-79)
Proceedings at Bristol1-47
Elmore and the Guise FamilyJ. Maclean49-78
On Certain Crania disinterred at St. Werburgh's,Church, BristolJ. Beddoe79-82
Some Remarks on the Ancient Passage across the SevernBishop Clifford83-89
The History of the Guilds of BristolF. F. Fox90-98
Bristol CathedralR. J. King99-105
Vestiges of the Supremacy of Mercia in the South of England, during the eighth CenturyT. Kerslake106-167
The Crypt of St. Nicholas Church, BristolJ. F. Nicholls168-181
Appendix to The Crypt of St. Nicholas Church, BristolJ. Maclean182-184
Bristol CastleJ. F. Nicholls185-192
Notes on the Church of St. Mary RedcliffeJ. P. Norris193-210
On the Manorial History of CliftonA. S. Ellis211-231
The Dominicans & Dominican PrioryJ. Taylor232-240
The Hospital of St. Mark, commonly called Billeswicke, or Gaunt's HospitalJ. Taylor241-245
Supplementary Notes on the Hospital of St. Mark of Billeswick, or Gaunt's HospitalJ. Maclean245-255
Antiquities at Cirencester and Berkeley. Memoranda of Certain SketchesJ. T. Irvine256-257
The Ancient Charter Privileges of the Bristol Freemen; whence derived and how maintainedJ. F. Nicholls258-276
Proceedings at Gloucester301-304
On the Great Berkeley Law-Suit of the 15th and 16th Centuries, A Chapter of Gloucestershire HistoryJ. H. Cooke305-324
St. Briavel's CastleW. T. Allen325-364
St. Briavel's Castle (addendum)J. Maclean364-367
On the Earls of GloucesterW. Bazeley368-389
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Contents for volume 4 (1879-80)
Transactions at Cheltenham1-52
Notes on the Manor and Parish Church of CheltenhamJ. H. Middleton53-72
The Poyntz FamilyH. L. Thompson73-85
On the Landholders of Gloucestershire named in Domesday BookA. S. Ellis86-198
British and Roman Antiquities in the Neighbourhood of CheltenhamG. B. Witts199-213
Some Particulars of the Parish of Pebworth, GloucestershireT. P. Wadley214-230
Observations upon Certain Monumental Effigies in the West of England, particularly in the Neighbourhood of CheltenhamA. Hartshorne231-247
Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Bishop's Cleeve, GloucestershireJ. H. Middleton248-269
Transactions at Bristol283-290
The Force and Value of Fine Art in ArchaeologyT. Gambier Parry291-295
The Date of the First Authentic Plan of BristolW. George296-300
Notice of Earthworks in the Parish of English BicknorJ. Maclean301-312
Appendix to Earthworks in the Parish of English Bicknor, "Family of Avenel"J. Maclean313-319
Penpark Hole, A Roman Lead MineJ. F. Nicholls320-328
On the Recent Discovery of Remains of the Foundations of the Keep of Bristol Castle and of the Ancient Wells adjacent, with Notes of the Contents of one of the WellsS. H. Swayne329-332
Contents for volume 5 (1880-81)
Proceedings at Stroud1-66
Remarks on the Ancient Baptismal Font in Staunton Church, GloucestershireH. M. Scarth67-69
Tewkesbury Abbey ChurchJ. L. Petit70-85
Description of the Chambered Tumuli of Uley and NympsfieldJ. Maclean86-118
Stanley St. Leonard's. The College of Canons and the Collegiate ChurchJ. H. Middleton119-132
Remarks on a Round Barrow in Hungerfield, in the Parish of CranhamJ. E. Dorington133-134
Notes on Bones, Concrete, Charcoal, &cG. Rolleston135-136
On some Bronze and other Articles found near BirdlipJ. Bellows137-141
Remarks on the Roman Pavement at WoodchesterC. Playne142-147
Ancient Charter relating to WoodchesterJ. Earle148-153
State Papers relating to the Cloth Trade, 1622F. H. Clutterbuck154-162
Proceedings at Cheltenham187-198
Description of the Long Barrow called "West Tump," in the Parish of Brimsfield, GloucestershireG. B. Witts201-211
The Berkeley Manuscripts, and their author, John SmithJ. H. Cooke212-221
State Papers respecting Bishop Cheyney, and the Recusants of the Diocese of GloucesterR. H. Clutterbuck222-237
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Contents for volume 6 (1881-82)
Transactions at Chepstow1-49
Chepstow CastleG. T. Clare51-74
On a Roman RingJ. James75-79
The CisterciansE. Twells80-87
The Architectural History of Tintern AbbeyT. Blashill88-106
On Roman Coins found in the Forest of DeanM. E. Bagnall-Oakeley107-122
The History of the Manors of Dean Magna and Abenhall, &cJ. Maclean123-209
Roman Remains in Lydney ParkH. M. Scarth210-221
Notes of Ancient British Forest Life-Material and otherJ. Bellows222-229
Transactions at Micheldean261-268
The Churches of St. Michael and All Angels, Mitcheldean; St. Michael, Abenhall ; and St. AEthelbert, Little DeanJ. H. Middleton269-279
Flaxley Abbey-The existing RemainsJ. H. Middleton280-283
Flaxley GrangeW. C. Heave284-305
Transactions at Berkeley306-309
Wanswell Court, and its Occupants for seven centuriesJ. H. Cooke310-323
Slymbridge ChurchW. Bazeley324-332
Transactions at Gloucester333-344
Remarks on Skeletons found at Gloucester in 1881J. Bellows345-348
Remarks on the same SkeletonsJ. Beddoe349-352
Remarks on a Collection of Skulls in a Vault under the Church of MicheldeanJ. Beddoe353-355
Transactions at Staunton and Newland357-366
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Contents for volume 7 (1882-83)
Transactions at Stow-on-the-Wold1-35
Contents of Temporary Museum36-43
The Church of St. Mary, Nether SwellD. Royce45-55
Old Bells in Gloucestershire BelfriesF. E. B. Witts56-68
"Finds" on, or near to, the Excursion of the Society at Stow-on-the-WoldD. Royce69-80
Bledington ChurchJ. E. K. Cutts81-86
Oddington Church, GloucestershireJ. H. Middleton87-89
The Northleach Court-BookD. Royce90-116
Notes or the Greyndour Chapel and Chantry in the Church of Newland, co Gloucester, and on certain Brasses thereJ. Maclean117-125
St, Peter's Church, Upper SlaughterJ. E. K. Cutts126-130
History of the Manor and Advowson of BrockworthS. E. Bartleet131-171
Icomb PlaceD. Royce172-190
Notes on the Church Plate at NorthleachW. J. Cripps191-193
Pedigree of Throckmorton, of Tortworth, and ClowerwallJ. Maclean194-194
Transactions at Bristol213-225
History of the Manor and Advowson of Staunton, in the Forest of DeanJ. Maclean227-266
History of Prinknash ParkW. Bazeley267-306
The Old Hostelries of BristolJ. F. Nicholls307-317
Discovery at S. Briavels Castle318-318
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Contents for volume 8 (1883-84)
Transactions at Bath1-44
Catalogue of Exhibits in Temporary Museum at Bath45-48
Local NamesJ. Earle50-61
The Battle of DeorhamT. G. P. Hallett62-73
Sodbury CampG. B. Witts74-78
Thornbury ChurchT. Waters79-88
The Excavations of Roman Baths at BathC. E. Davis89-113
Transactions at Ruardean114-123
History of the Parish and Manor of Ruardyn, alias RuardeanJ. Maclean124-148
St. Briavel: May he not be Identified with St. Ebrulfus?J. James149-152
Font at Hinton ParvaH. M. Scarth153-155
Roman Road from Corinium to LydneyJ. H. Cooke156-158
Transactions at Cirencester181-191
The Earlier House of BerkeleyH. Barkly193-223
Hospital of St. John, CirencesterE. A. Fuller224-228
Chantry Certificates, GloucestershireJ. Maclean229-308
Recent Roman "Finds" in CirencesterT. B. Bravender309-313
List of Tokens found at CirencesterT. B. Bravender, with notes and remarks thereon by J. Maclean314-323
The Family of James Johnson, successively Bishop of Gloucester and WorcesterW. Money324-341
St. Briavel: May he not be Identified with St. Ebrulfus? (Postscript)J. James342-342
Discovery of Interments at St. BriavelsW. T. Allen356-356
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Contents for volume 9 (1884-85)
Transactions at Evesham1-38
Catalogue of Exhibits in Temporary Museum39-46
Lists of Society's Books47-50
On some Sculptured Effigies of Ecclesiastics in GloucestershireM. E. Bagnell-Oakeley51-71
Notes on the Parish, the Church, and Ancient Religious Foundations of Ledeneia Parva or St. BriavelsW. T. Allen72-102
Notes on Buckland Manor and Advowson from A.D. 709 to A.D. 1546W. Bazeley103-124
Notes on an Excavation made near EveshamR. F. Tomes125-127
The Almonry of Evesham AbbeyE. S. Ridsdale128-133
The Manor and Borough of Chipping CampdenS. E. Bartleet134-195
The "Buckstone," in the Parish of Dixton, MonmouthshireJ. Maclean196-197
The Berkeleys of Dursley during the 13th and 14th CenturiesH. Barkly227-276
The Family of Haynes of Westbury-on-Trym, Wick and Abson, and other places in GloucestershireF. G. Poynton277-297
Cirencester: Its Manor and TownE. A. Fuller298-344
On Feudal and Compulsory KnighthoodJ. Maclean345-353
Addendum to the Memoir on the Manor and Borough of Chipping CampdenS. E. Bartleet354-355
The Family of James Johnson, successively Bishop of Gloucester and WorcesterW. Money356-357
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Contents for volume 10 (1885-86)
Transactions at Gloucester1-15
The Mint of GloucesterJ. D. Robertson17-66
Harescombe-Fragments of Local HistoryJ. M. Hall67-132
Transactions of Tewkesbury133-160
Catalogue of Exhibits in Temporary Museum, Tewkesbury161-167
A By-Path of History-. Lawson169-174
On the Daubeney Family & its connection with GloucestershireB. V. P. Greenfield175-185
Notes on the Manors & Advowsons of Birt's Morton & PendockJ. Maclean186-225
Supplementary to the Article on HaynesF. J. Poynton226-229
Pershore Abbey ChurchJ. Maclean230-237
Transactions at Newent238-249
The Manor of Bosham, SussexJohn Smyth, of Nibley, with Introduction by J. Maclean250-277
An Aid Levied in Gloucestershire, 20th Edward IIIJ. Maclean278-292
A Gloucestershire Jury List of the 13th CenturyH. Barkly293-303
The Will of William Whittington, of St. BriavelsW. T. Allen304-312
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Contents for volume 11 (1886-87)
Transactions at Deerhurst1-5
Notes on Saxon Architecture, with a description of Deerhurst Priory, GloucestershireJ. C. Buckler6-81
Notes on the Conventual BuildingsT. S. Pope81-83
On the Saxon Baptismal Font in Deerhurst Priory Church, with notes upon other Early FontsA. E. Hudd84-104
The Saxon Chapel at DeerhurstG. Butterworth105-116
Cirencester Free Grammar SchoolE. A. Fuller117-129
"Kirby's Quest."H. Barkly130-154
The Will of Richard Dixton, EsqE. A. Fuller155-160
Transactions at Dursley185-219
Dursley, Notes on its Lords, the Castle, Church and BoroughH. Barkly221-242
Notes on Tanner's Chapel in Dursley ChurchJ. Maclean243-245
Ancient Church Embroidery in GloucestershireM. E. Bagnall-Oakeley246-259
A doubtful point in the Genealogy of Hicks of BeverstonF. J. Poynton260-265
On three Skulls found near the London Road, GloucesterJ. Beddoe266-268
Court Roll of the Manor of Bicknor Anglicana, co. GloucesterJ. Maclean269-279
Further Note on the Saxon Chapel at DeerhurstG. Butterworth280-280
Some Notes on Wresden, UleyW. P. W. Phillimore281-290
List of the Merchants' Hall, Bristol, 1732E. F. Eberle291-292
Notes on Milo de Gloucester, and his connection with the Forest of DeneA. W. Crawley-Boevey293-303
On the Manor House of Wotton-under-Edge, and its InhabitantsV. R. Perkins304-308
Notes on the Church of Wotton-under-EdgeH. Sewell309-311
Knights' Fees in Gloucestershire, 3rd Henry IV., with an IntroductionJ. Maclean312-330
A Domestic Outrage in Gloucestershire, about the year 1220H. Barkly331-335
Notes on a Roman Inscribed Stone at WestonbirtJ. Maclean336-339
Ancient Church Embroidery in Gloucestershire (addendum)M. E. Bagnall-Oakeley364-364
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Contents for volume 12 (1887-88)
Transactions at Cirencester1-5
Remarks on an Astrolabe, belonging to F. A. Hyett, Esq., of Painswick HouseR. Taylor6-23
Life of Edward of Lancaster -A SketchC. R. Markham24-53
Notes on the Manor and Church at Daglingworth -1W. Bazeley54-56
Additional Notes on the Manor of DaglingworthH. Barkly56-60
Notes on the Manor and Church at Daglingworth -2W. Bazeley60-69
Inventories of, and Receipts for, Church Goods in the County of Gloucester, and Cities of Gloucester and Bristol, with NotesJ. Maclean70-113
On the Hundredal and Manorial Franchise of the Furcas, Tumbrel, and PilloryJ. Latimer114-122
Manor of Tockington, and the Roman VillaJ. Maclean123-169
Further Remarks on an AstrolabeR. Taylor170-171
Transactions at Stratford-upon-Avon199-219
Presidential AddressLord Sherborne220-234
Testa de Nevill, Returns for the County of GloucesterH. Barkly235-290
Gloucestershire Royalist Families, &cR. F. Tomes291-301
An Account of the Early Registers of Henbury, GloucestershireF. J. Poynton302-322
Transactions at Tockington Park323-335
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Contents for volume 13 (1888-89)
Transactions at Chipping Sodbury1-5
On the Gilds of Sodbury and DyrhamF. F. Fox6-9
Hawkesbury ChurchW. W. Bethell10-15
Notes on Mediaeval DursleyW. R. Lett16-18
Notes on the West Front of St. James, Parochial, formerly Priory, ChurchJ. Maclean19-22
Testa de Nevill, Returns for the County of Gloucester, No. 2H. Barkly23-34
The Churches of Sodbury, co. GloucesterT. S. Pope35-40
Transactions at Gloucester41-85
Inaugural AddressR. V. Vassar-Smith86-95
On the Structure of Roman Houses and their Ornamentation with Tesselated Pavements and other decorationsH. M. Scarth96-102
Annalia DubrensiaF. A. Hyett103-117
St. Oswald's Priory, GloucesterH. Medland118-129
Gloucester Tokens of the 17th, 18th and 19th CenturiesJ. P. Wilton130-145
Notes on the Manor and Church of HempsteadB. S. Dawson146-154
The Early Days of the Abbey of S. Peter, GloucesterW. Bazeley155-161
Notes on a Monumental Effigy and a "Brass" in the Church of Quinton, GloucestershireJ. Maclean162-172
The Grey Friars, GloucesterW. H. S. Davies173-187
The Berkeleys of DursleyH. Barkly188-195
The Roman Villa, Tockington Park (Second Notice)J. Maclean196-202
Further Remarks on the Ring of SenicianusF. Haverfield203-204
The Mint of GloucesterJ. D. Robertson205-211
Scrivens' ConduitH. Medland241-246
Institutions to Tockington Free ChapelJ. Maclean247-251
Gloucester: The Cathedral MonumentsM. H. Bloxam252-259
The Guilds of GloucesterW. Bazeley260-270
Notes on the Church of St. Bartholomew, ChurchdownF. Smithe271-287
Testa de Nevill, Returns for the County of Gloucester, Nos. 3 to 7H. Barkly297-358
Roman Bristol and Roman Gloucester, compared with the Castra Praetoria and the sites of the Castra Peregrina, and of the Castra Equites Singulares at RomeG. Esdaile288-96
Some Account of the Parish of BrookthorpeJ. M. Hall359-383
The Seals of the City of GloucesterW. H. St. J. Hope384-392
Transactions at Stroud393-396
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Contents for volume 14 (1889-90)
Transactions at Berkeley1-4
The Architectural History of Avening Church, GloucestershireR. H. Carpenter and B. Ingelow5-13
Testa de Nevill. Returns for GloucestershireH. Barkly14-47
The Ancient Apse of Deerhurst ChurchG. Butterworth48-49
History of the Manor and Advowson of Clifford Chambers, and some account of its PossessorsJ. Maclean50-116
Abbot Newland's Roll of the Abbots of St. Augustine's Abbey, BristolJ. H. Jeayes117-130
Sanctuary KnockersM. E. Bagnall-Oakley131-140
Pychenecumbe-Abstracts of Original Documents in the Registers of the Abbey of St. Peter's, GloucesterJ. M. Hall141-162
Transactions at Cheltenham189-215
Accounts of Receipts and Payments for Exploration of the Roman Villa at Tockington ParkJ. Maclean216-219
Leland in GloucestershireJ. Latimer221-284
Remarks on the Liber Niger, or Black Book of the ExchequerH. Barkly285-320
On Old Tools and ImplementsR. Taylor321-327
SevenhamptonJ. M. Hall328-355
A Perambulation of the Forest of Dean, co. Gloucester, 10th Edward IJ. Maclean356-369
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Contents for volume 15 (1890-91)
Transactions at Bristol1-44
Inaugural AddressJ. Beddoe46-54
Architectural History of Bristol CathedralJ. P. Norris55-75
On the Later Monuments in the Mayor's ChapelW. R. Barker76-88
On the Monumental Effigies of the Family of BerkeleyM. E. Bagnall-Oakeley89-102
Cirencester CastleE. A. Fuller103-119
Early Christianity in GloucestershireC. S. Taylor120-138
Notes on the Accounts of the Procurators, or Churchwardens, of the Parish of St. Ewen's, Bristol -1J. Maclean139-182
Refugee Settlements at BristolS. W. Kershaw183-186
Notes on Some of the Constables of Bristol Castle and TownJ Maclean187-189
Seal of the Hundred of Langley, GloucestershireJ. C. Cox190-194
The Insignia and Plate of the City and County of BristolW. H. St. J. Hope195-208
The Family of Yonge, or Young, of Bristol, and on the Red LodgeJ. Maclean227-245
The Surface Flints on the Cotteswold HillsJ. H. Cardew246-255
Notes on the Accounts of the Procurators, or Churchwardens, of the Parish of St. Ewen's, Bristol -2J. Maclean254-296
The Cross at Ampney Crucis, GloucestershireH. Dryden297-303
A Further Communication on Documents connected with the Forest of DeneJ. Maclean304-309
The Will of William Selk, Vicar of All Saints, BristolJ. Maclean310-315
Notes on Human Remains discovered at Clifford ChambersJ. Maclean316-319
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Contents for volume 16 (1891-92)
Transactions at Malmesbury1-5
On the Architecture of Malmesbury ChurchW. Bazeley6-15
Ancient Sculptures in the South Porch of Malmesbury Abbey ChurchM. E. Bagnall-Oakeley16-19
Transactions at Moreton-in-Marsh21-45
The President's Inaugural AddressA. B. Freeman-Mitford47-51
The History of Moreton-in-MarshE. Belcher52-60
The Last Battle of the First Civil WarF. A. Hyett61-67
Bourton-on-the-HillD. Royce68-95
Little Compton-its Church and Manor HouseJ. Killick96-102
Worcester College, OxfordC. H. 0. Daniel103-110
Ladies' Costume in the Middle Ages as represented on Monumental Effigies and BrassesM. E. Bagnall-Oakley111-126
Door-Frame at Ampney St. Mary, co. GloucesterH. Dryden with observations by R. Allen127-131
Transactions at Gloucester163-166
Arnald de Berkeley, Baron of the ExchequerH. Barkly167-182
Pedes Finium, or Excerpts from the Feet of Fines for the County of Gloucester, from the 7th John to the 57th Henry IIIJ. Maclean183-195
Notes on the Early English Lady Chapel, Gloucester Cathedral, built by Ralph and Olympias Wilington, A.D. 1224W. Bazeley196-200
The Manor of CliftonJ. Latimer201-207
Gloucestershire in the Eighth CenturyC. S. Taylor208-230
Contents for volume 17 (1892-93)
Transactions At Cirencester1-33
The Parish Church of St. John the Baptist CirencesterE. A. Fuller34-44
Cirencester Abbey ChurchE. A. Fuller45-52
Cirencester HospitalsE. A. Fuller53-58
Cirencester Grammar SchoolE. A. Fuller59-62
On a Roman Inscribed Stone Found At CirencesterC. Bowly63-67
The Danes in GloucestershireC. S. Taylor68-95
The Berkeleys of CobberleyH. Barkly96-125
Pedes Finium or Excerpts From the Feet of Fines, in the County of Gloucester, from the 30th Elizabeth to the 9th James IJ. Maclean126-259
On Some Pre-Roman Sculptured Slabs At Daglingworth ChurchM. E. Bagnall-Oakeley260-267
The Armory And Merchants' Marks in the Ancient Church of CirencesterJ. Maclean268-321
Visit to Burford326-328
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Contents for volume 18 (1893-94)
Transactions at Newnham-on-Severn3-18
The Course of Offa's Dyke in GloucestershireJ. Maclean19-31
Cirencester Guild MerchantE. A. Fuller32-74
Old Church Plate, and How to Describe ItW. J. Cripps75-81
The Whitsunday Rite at St. Briavel'sE. S. Hartland82-93
The Civil War in the Forest of DeanF. A. Hyett94-106
The Benedictine Revival in the Huiccian MonasteriesC. S. Taylor107-133
A Family Connection of the Codrington Family in the 17th CenturyH. R. Codrington134-141
Notes on the Borough and Manor of NewnhamR. J. Kerr142-174
The Ethnographical Survey of the United KingdomE. S Hartland195-217
The Church Bells of GloucestershireH. B. Walters218-251
The Dress of Civilians in the Middle Ages, from Monumental EffigiesM. E. Bagnall-Oakeley252-270
The Knights TemplarsS. Bentley271-287
The Pre-Domesday Hide of GloucestershireC. S. Taylor288-319
The Register of the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Parish Church of CirencesterE. A. Fuller320-331
Transactions at Gloucester332-338
Transactions at Bristol338-339
Transactions at Stroud339-342
Contents for volume 19 (1894-95)
Transactions at Ledbury1-18
Transactions at Bredon19-23
A History of KemertonJ. J. Mercier24-40
Overbury ChurchC. Glynn41-60
Notes on the History of BeckfordJ. M. Hall61-69
Berkeley MinsterC. S. Taylor70-84
The Domestic Life of Berkeley CastleT. Veal85-104
Two Bristol CalendarsA. E. Hudd105-141
An Account of Roman and Mediaeval Remains found on the site of the Tolsey at GloucesterM. H. Medland142-158
The Tallage of 6 Edward II., and the Bristol RebellionE. A. Fuller171-278
Haresfield :Manors and ChurchJ. M. Hall279-373
The Chantries of Westbury-on-SevernL. Wilkinson374-393
On the Discovery of Skeletons at the Barton, CirencesterE. Whatley394-398
Notes on a great Hoard of Roman Coins found at Bishop's WoodM. E. Bagnall-Oakeley399-420
Transactions at Berkeley421-433
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Contents for volume 20 (1895-97)
Transactions At Monmouth1-31
Autumn Meeting At Cirencester, September 24th, 189632-37
Notes on The First Bristol and Gloucestershire PrintersF. A. Hyett38-51
The Fatal Field of AgincourtJ. Baker52-58
Monmouth Castle and PrioryH. E. Sheppard59-75
Raglan CastleJ. A. Bradley76-87
Grosmont Castle, Skenfrith Castle and Church, Pembroke CastleM. E. Bagnall-Oakley88-99
Bradley, Wotton-Under-EdgeV. R. Perkins100-107
Henry V. in Fiction and in FactH. S. Kennedy-Skipton108-113
Cirencester DocumentsE. A. Fuller114-126
The Leper Hospitals of St. Margaret and St. Mary Magdalen By GloucesterS. E. Bartleet127-137
The Will of Godfrey Giffard, Bishop of Worcester A.D. 1301J. M. Hall139-154
Notes on Ancient Mining Tools Found in the Forest of DeanT. Forster Brown155-160
A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the British Museum Relating to the County of Gloucester and the City of BristolF. A. Hyett161-221
The Church Bells of Gloucestershire. IIH. B. Walters222-232
Brimpsfield Castle and Its OwnersW. Bazeley233-240
Architectural Notes on the Churches of St. John, Elkstone, and St. Giles, Cubberley. from the Glynne MssJ. M. Hall241-246
On Some Ancient Roads on the CotswoldsJ. Sawyer247-254
The Cotswolds in the Time of the RomansA. T. Martin255-266
Cotswold in Saxon TimesC. S. Taylor267-306
Some Thoughts on Old English Architecture, with Special Reference to the CotswoldsE. G. Dawber307-316
Transactions at the Spring Meeting, and Excursion to Birdlip, Brimpsfield, Elkstone, Cowley, and Cubberley317-325
Transactions at the Annual Summer Meeting At Stow-On-The-Wold326-371
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Contents for volume 21 (1898)
Transactions at the Spring Meeting at Yate, and Excursion to Iron Acton, Yate Court, Horton, and Little Sodbury, June 7th, 18981-21
The Description of the Manor Place of Yate in the Second Year of Edward Vi. [A.D. I548-9]F. F. Fox22-24
The Berkeleys at YateH. S. Kennedy-Skipton25-31
The Origin of the Mercian ShiresC. S. Taylor32-57
The Moats Or Waterforts of the Vale of the SevernG. A. Cardew58-69
Notes On the Roman Basilica at Cirencester, Lately DiscoveredW. J. Cripps70-78
Lambeth and Its AnnalsS. W. Kershaw79-93
Richard Whittington, a Gloucestershire ManH. S. Kennedy-Skipton94-102
London Churches of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesG. H. Birch103-125
The Priory Church of S. Mary, Overie, Now the Collegiate Church of S. Saviour, SouthwarkG. H. Birch126-146
S. Bartholomew and His Cult in Medieval TimesW. St. C. Baddeley147-162
Brewers' HallE. H. Martineau163-167
The Crypt of the Priory Church of St. John, at ClerkenwellC. R. B King168-174
The Two Chapels in the Tower, of LondonG. H. Birch175-189
The Priory and Parochial Church of S. Helen's, BishopsgateG. H. Birch190-201
S. Mary Abchurch with S. Lawrence PountneyE. G. Dawber202-204
S. Stephen's, WalbrookE. G. Dawber205-207
Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, at the Annual Summer Meeting in London, July 11th to 16th, 1898208-299
Memoir of the Family of Codrington of Codrington, Didmarton, Frampton-On-Severn, and DodingtonR. H. Codrington301-345
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Contents for volume 22 (1899)
Transactions in the Nailsworth District, May 24th, 18991-21
Transactions in the Fairford District, August 9th to 11th, 189922-72
Stained and Painted GlassG. S. Bazley73-85
Richard, Earl of Cornwall, and Henry of AlmaineW. St. C. Baddeley86-114
Notes on Eastleach Martin and Eastleach TurvilleW. H. T. Wright115-120
Notes on Chavenage and the Stephens FamilyW. H. S. Davies121-137
Heraldry of the Summer MeetingF. Were138-149
Pleas of the Crown at Bristol in 1287E. A. Fuller150-178
Documents Relating to the Monastery of St. Mary, Kingswood, Belonging to Mr. F. F. FoxV. R. Perkins179-256
The Abbey of St. Mary, HaylesW. Bazeley257-271
Some Curious Incidents in Bristol HistoryJ. Latimer272-285
The Transactions of the SocietyC. S. Taylor286-291
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Contents for volume 23 (1900)
Proceedings at the Meeting at Toddington, June 7th, 19001-26
Proceedings at the Summer Meeting at Bath, July 17th, 18th and 19th 190027-78
Roods and RoodloftsF. F. Fox79-95
Heraldic Notes Made During the Meeting at ToddingtonF. Were96-98
Heraldic Notes Made During the Bath MeetingF. Were99-108
St. Nicholas' Church, GloucesterW. H. Medland109-128
Bath, Mercian and West-SaxonC. S. Taylor129-161
A Brief Account of the Stained and Painted Glass at Toddington HouseW. St. C. Baddeley162-192
The Manor and Church of Great ChalfieldJ. S. Davis193-261
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1900J. E. Pritchard262-275
The Holy Blood of HaylesW. St. C. Baddeley276-284
The Seals of Tewkesbury AbbeyR. H. Warren285-288
Remains of a Roman Villa Discovered at Brislington, December, 1899W. R. Barker289-308
The Roman Road On Durdham DownA. T. Martin309-311
Clifton in 1746J. Latimer312-322
An Ancient Bronze Figure from AustF. Ellis323-325
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Contents for volume 24 (1901)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Winterbourne, Almondsbury, Over Court and Westbury-On-Trym, June 6th 19011-32
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting, at Chipping Campden, August 20th. 21st. and 22nd. I90133-73
The Halleway Chauntry at the Parish Church of All Saints, Bristol, and the Halleway FamilyE. G. C. F. Atchley74-125
The Architecture of Hayles AbbeyH Brakspear126-135
Bristol City Coat of ArmsF. Were136-141
The Family of CatchmayW. T. Allen142-155
A Note On Hidcote HouseS. G. Hamilton156-158
Aust, the Place of MeetingC. S. Taylor159-171
The Hospital of St. John. BristolJ. Latimer172-178
Sir John Fortescue, Buried at Ebrington, GloucestershireA. M. Welch193-250
The Grammar School. CampdenF. B. Osborne251-261
Heraldry in Red Lodge. BristolF. Were262-266
Aust and WiclifJ. Baker267-273
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1901-2J. E. Pritchard274-282
Remains of a Roman Villa Discovered at Brislington, Bristol, December 1899W. R. Barker283-292
The High Cross at GloucesterC. H. Dancey293-307
The Maces. Swordbearer, and Swords of the City of GloucesterC. H. Dancey308-329
King Alfred and His Family in MerciaC. S. Taylor330-353
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Contents for volume 25 (1902)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Yatton, Wrington and Banwell1-25
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Tewkesbury26-76
The Monks of the Monastery of S. Mary at TewkesburyE. R. Dowdeswell77-93
On Certain Rare Monumental EffigiesA. Hartshorne94-101
Bristol Cathedral HeraldryF. Were102-132
Notes on French Jubes Or RoodloftsF. F. Tuckett133-138
Monumental Effigies in Bristol and GloucestershireA. Hartshorne139-147
Monumental Effigies in Bristol and GloucestershireM. E. Bagnall-Oakley148-150
Rural Deanery of BisleyW. St. C. Baddeley150-159
Rural Deanery of South ForestM. E. Bagnall-Oakley159-170
Rural Deanery of BittonM. E. Bagnall-Oakley170-181
Heraldry of the Winterbourne ExcursionF. Were183-187
Heraldry of the Chipping Campden MeetingF. Were187-211
The Story of the Two LantonysW. St. C. Baddeley212-229
Deerhurst, Pershore and WestminsterC. S. Taylor230-250
Rural Deanery of CheltenhamM. E. Bagnall-Oakley251-270
Rural Deanery of CirencesterC. Bowley270-273
Rural Deanery of StapletonF. F. Tuckett273-284
The Arrangement of the Chancel at DeerhurstR. H. Murray285-293
The Grave of Bishop CarpenterH. J. Wilkins and C. L. Shadwell294-295
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Contents for volume 26 (1903)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Malmesbury and Sherston1-26
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Gloucester27-82
Incidents in the Early History of GloucesterF. A. Hyett83-107
The Maire of Bristowe Is Kalendar: Its List of Civic officers, Collated with Contemporary Legal MssJ. Latimer108-137
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1902J. E. Pritchard138-149
The Stained Glass Art of the Fourteenth CenturyW. St. C. Baddeley150-161
Heraldry in Tewkesbury AbbeyF. Were162-172
The Battle of Tewkesbury, 1471W. Bazeley173-193
Effigies of BristolI. M. Roper215-287
The Mercers' and Linen Drapers' Company of BristolJ. Latimer288-292
The Crypt Church, Gloucester, Sometimes Called St. Mary of South GateC. H. Dancey293-307
Osric of GloucesterC. S. Taylor308-325
Notes on Roman Roads, with An Account of Excavations On the Fosse Road at Radstock and On a Road Near North Stoke, BathJ. McMurtrie326-338
The So-called King's Board at Tibberton Court, Near GloucesterM. H. Medland339-344
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Contents for volume 27 (1904)
Proceedings of the Annual Spring Meeting at Bredon, Strensham and Pershore1-14
Proceedings of the Annual Summer Meeting at Hereford15-44
The Early Connection between the Churches of Gloucester and HerefordJ. W. Leigh45-50
Effigies of BristolI. M. Roper51-116
The Church and Monastery of Abbey DoreR. W. Paul117-126
Bristol Cathedral: The Choir ScreenR. H. Warren127-130
The Date of WansdykeC. S. Taylor131-155
The Painswick or Ifold VillaW. St. C. Baddeley156-171
On Some Gloucestershire Manuscripts now in Hereford Cathedral LibraryL. E. G. Brown172-210
The Parish Records of All Saints BristolE. G. C. F. Atchley221-274
Heraldry Read at the Bredon MeetingF. Were275-288
Effigies in Gloucester CathedralW. Bazeley and M. E. Bazeley289-326
Bristol Archaeological Notes for 1903J. E. Pritchard327-339
The Old Church of St Thomas the Martyr, BristolC. S. Taylor340-351
The Bristol HotwellsL. M. Griffiths352-353
Contents for volume 28 (1905)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Berkeley and North Nibley1-13
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Cheltenham and Worcester14-37
The Monastic and Kindred Institutions of Bristol and GloucestershireJ. Mitchinson38-47
Some Ancient Deeds Relating to the Manor of Southam, Near CheltenhamE. R. Dowdeswell48-60
The Misereres in Gloucester CathedralO. W. Clark61-85
Heraldic Notes of the Spring Excursion to Berkeley CastleF. Were86-88
Notes on Heraldry in Churches During Cheltenham MeetingF. Were89-93
Monumental Effigies, Deaneries of Stonehouse and StowW. P. Smith94-110
The Ancient Tolzey and Pie Poudre Courts of BristolS. D. Cole111-123
Some Notes On the Visitations of GloucestershireE. Conner124-130
Index to the Heraldry in Bigland's History of GloucestershireF. Were147-510
Contents for volume 29 (1906)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting. at Chepstow, St. Briavels and Tintern1-16
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Bristol17-60
Exhibition of Old Bristol Plans, Bristol Coinage, Antiquities, etc., at the Conversazione, Bristol, On July 17th, 190661-80
The Religious Houses of Bristol and their DissolutionC. S. Taylor81-126
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1904J. E. Pritchard127-141
Notes on Crania Found On the Site of the Carmelite FriaryJ. Beddoe142-146
Monumental Effigies (I)I. M. Roper147-172
Certain Roman Remains at Watercombe, Near BisleyW. St. C. Baddeley173-180
Monumental Effigies (II)I. M. Roper230-264
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1905J. E. Pritchard265-283
Gilbert De Laci (?1108-1163) and Pain Fitzjohn (-1137)W. St. C. Baddeley284-292
Some Notes On the Purlieus of the Forest of DeanE. Conder293-302
On a Roman Road from Old Sarum to Uphill, and its Structure at Chewton Mendip, Where Cut Through in 1906J. McMurtrie303-310
Notes On the Iron Ore Mines of the Forest of Dean, and On the History of their WorkingW. H. Fryer311-316
Grant By Sir John Benet of Doyly in the County of Middlesex, to Pembroke College in the University of Oxford in 1676317-321
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Contents for volume 30 (1907)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Northleach and Chedworth1-22
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Cirencester23-48
The Modern Status of Archaeology and the Hopes of Archaeology in Relation to Certain Dark Periods in BritainW. St. C. Baddeley49-75
The Archaeology of TraditionE. S. Hartland76-90
The Silver Plate and Insignia of the City of GloucesterC. H. Dancey91-122
Monumental Effigies: Rural Deanery of HawkesburyI. M. Roper123-141
The Priory of St. Guthlac, HerefordS. E. Bartleet142-150
Bristol Archaeological Notes For I906J. E. Pritchard151-166
The Medieval Chapels of BristolR. H. Warren181-211
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1907J. E. Pritchard212-232
Notes on a Leaden Vessel in Gloucester MuseumA. C. Fryer233-236
On a Skeleton and Other Relics Lately Found in a Romano-British Settlement at RadstockJ. McMurtrie237-245
Witcombe VillaW. St. C. Baddeley246-264
The Lond Or Loud Brass in St. Peter's Church, BristolC. E. Boucher265-269
Note On the Printed Text of William WorcestreC. S. Taylor270-272
The Heraldry of Some of the Citizens of Bristol Between 1662 and 1688E. Conder273-282
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Contents for volume 31 (1908)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Newent1-12
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Cardiff13-39
Early Connection Between Glamorgan and GloucestershireW. Bazeley40-51
Monumental Effigies (I)I. M. Roper52-77
Gloucestershire Mediaeval LibrariesT. W. Williams78-195
Monumental Effigies (II)I. M. Roper207-243
The Smyths of Ashton CourtL. J. U. Way244-260
Caerphilly CastleJ. S. Corbett261-269
St. John's Church, CardiffJ. Ballinger270-276
The Gloucestershire FontsA. C. Fryer277-281
Head of An Early Fourteenth-Century Effigy in St. Philip's Church, BristolA. C. Fryer282-283
A Few Notes On the Heraldry Seen at the Spring Meeting, June 2nd, I908F. Were284-287
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1908, 1909J. E. Pritchard288-309
Contents for volume 32 (1909)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Standish, Moreton Valence, Frampton and Leonard Stanley1-21
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Evesham22-56
An Address Delivered at Evesham By the President of the SocietyC. W. C. Oman57-63
The Campaign of Evesham, June-August, 1265C. W. C. Oman64-83
The Almshouses of BristolW. C. Sampson84-108
The Northern Boundary of GloucestershireC. S. Taylor109-139
Church Furniture and Decoration of the Renaissance Period in BristolA. Harvey140-164
Some Ancient Deeds Relating to Walton, CardiffE. R. Dowdeswell165-176
On a Hoard of Half-Crowns of Charles I Deposited Early in 1645C. W. C. Oman193-201
The Chronological Sequence of the Bristol Parish ChurchesC. S. Taylor202-218
Monumental EffigiesI. M. Roper219-259
St. Peter's Church, BristolC. E. Boucher260-300
Gloucestershire FontsA. C. Fryer301-312
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1909J. E. Pritchard313-333
Contents for volume 33 (1910)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Toddington and Winchcombe1-13
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Oxford14-43
An Address Delivered at Oxford By the President of the SocietyT. H. Warren44-59
The Founders' Book of Tewkesbury AbbeyC. H. B. Hudson60-66
The Roman Pavement at the Barton, CirencesterE. C. Sewell and A. H. Powell67-77
Monumental EffigiesI. M. Roper96-125
The Parochial Boundaries of BristolC. S. Taylor126-139
The Forest of Dean and its Relations with the Crown During the Twelfth and Thirteenth CenturiesM. L. Bazeley153-286
Gloucestershire FontsA. C. Fryer287-303
The Owners of the Great House, Henbury, GloucestershireL. J. U. Way304-337
The Manor and Site of Hullasey, GloucestershireW. St. C. Baddeley338-354
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Contents for volume 34 (1911)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Bristol1-10
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Oxford and Fairford11-39
Chronological Tables Relating to OxfordJ. Parker40-56
An Address Delivered at OxfordW. H. Hutton57-64
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1910J. E. Pritchard65-89
Burford PrioryB. D. S. La Terriere90-96
Ancient Painted Glass in Gloucester CathedralC. H. Dancey97-109
The Gloucestershire Bell-FoundriesH. B. Walters110-119
Heraldic Notes Taken During the Oxford Meeting of 1920F. Were120-125
Monumental EffigiesI. M. Roper126-160
Gloucester CathedralF. W. Waller175-194
Gloucestershire Fonts. Part 4A. C. Fryer195-207
Society Pages>>>
Contents for volume 35 (1912)
Notes on the Burial-Places of England's Royal HouseT. D. Edwards1-17
An Account of the Heath House Estate, Stapleton GloucestershireL. J. U. Way18-68
Some Account of Sir Robert atkyns the Younger and Other-Members of the Atkyns FamilyR. Austin69-92
Monument to and Heraldry of Sir John and Dame Yonge (Young) in Bristol CathedralF. Were93-95
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1911J. E. Pritchard96-115
Banwell Screen and Rood-LoftC. S. Taylor116-138
Portraits of the Bishops of GloucesterA. A. Hunter139-142
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Dursley143-152
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Ross153-170
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Contents for volume 36 (1913)
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Wells and Glastonbury1-30
Proceedings at the Autumn Meeting at Gloucester, Tredington, Stoke Orchard and Swindon31-41
Thomas BekyntonE. C. S. Gibson42-54
An Account of the Leigh Woods, in the Parish of Long Ashton, County of SomersetL. J. U. Way55-102
Bristol Archaeological Notes For 1912J. E. Pritchard103-129
The History of Kempley Manor and Church, GloucestershireW. St. C. Baddeley130-151
Flowers in Stone As Applied to the Church Architecture of BristolI. M. Roper152-167
Gloucestershire Fonts Part 5A. C. Fryer168-181
Note on the Entry in Domesday Book Relating to Westbury-on-SevernC. S. Taylor182-190
Places of Meeting and Presidents of the Society191-193
Places Visited. Chronological List194-198
Places Visited. County and Alphabetical List199-204
Report On the Excavation at Druid StokeF. Were217-219
The 1625 Survey of the Smaller Manor of CliftonL. J. U. Way220-250
Trinity Hospital, BristolW. Leighton251-287
Old Arle CourtA. M. Welch288-314
The Woollen Industry of Gloucestershire: A RetrospectS. S. Marling315-333
Flowers in StoneI. M. Roper334-335
Contents for volume 37 (1914)
Proceedings at the Annual Spring Meeting at Avening, Doughton, Tetbury, Beverston and Crudwell1-14
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Warwick, Coventry and Stratford15-52
Presidential AddressC. E. Keyser53-58
Presentation to the Rev. C. S. Taylor59-60
Some Notes On Tetbury, its Church and Court LeetT. W. Walker and E. P. Harmer61-78
An Introduction to the Cartulary of St. Mary's, WarwickJ. H. Bloom79-91
A Brief Account of the Church of St. John Baptist, Coventry, and its PrecinctsF. W. Humberstone93-105
Gloucestershire Fonts Part 6A. C. Fryer107-133
Letters of Thomas Dudley FosbrokeR. Austin135-184
The Manuscripts of CoventryM. D. Harris187-193
Dr. Johnson's Friends and the CotswoldsW. H. Hutton195-219
Early Deeds Relating to St. Peter's Abbey, GloucesterW. St. C. Baddeley221-234
Heraldry On the Maps in the Second Part of Volume 35F. Were235-239
Society Pages>>>
Contents for volume 38 (1915)
Proceedings at the Annual General Meeting at Gloucester1-14
Visit to Leonard Stanley15-17
Early Deeds Relating to St. Peter's Abbey, GloucesterW. St. C. Baddeley19-46
Further Early Deeds Relating to St. Peter's Abbey, GloucesterW. St. C. Baddeley47-68
The East Window of Gloucester CathedralT. D. Grimke-Drayton69-97
Notes On the Ecclesiastical History of the Parish of HenburyA. H. Thompson99-186
Gloucestershire Fonts. Parts 6 and 7A. C. Fryer187-213
Local and other notes214-221
Society Pages>>>
Contents for volume 39 (1916)
The Legend of St. KenelmE. S Hartland13-65
Gloucestershire Fonts. Part 8A. C. Fryer67-86
Herefordshire Place-NamesW. St. C. Baddeley87-200
Ancient Stained Glass in the Parish Church of St. John, CirencesterW. T. Beeby201-231
Additions to Mr. Chubb's Descriptive Catalogue of Printed Maps of GloucestershireR. Austin233-262
Society Pages>>>
Contents for volume 40 (1917)
Proceedings at the Annual General Meeting at Gloucester1-13
The Ethnologist in ArchaeologyE. S. Hartland15-37
Gloucestershire Fonts. (a) 15th CenturyA. C. Fryer39-56
The Norman Settlement of GloucestershireC. S. Taylor57-88
Withington PeculiarF. S. Hockaday89-113
Pauntley Manor and the Pauntley CustomE. Conder115-131
The Arms of the See of GloucesterE. C. S. Gibson133-145
Some Early Artists of GloucesterW. St. C. Baddeley147-166
Contents for volume 41 (1918-19)
Proceedings at Annual General Meeting, Bristol, 19181-10
The Work of the Society. AddressJ. E. Pritchard11-25
Gloucestershire Fonts: (b) 15th CenturyA. C. Fryer27-35
Correspondence Between the Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol, and the Prior of Worcester in 1311J. M. Wilson37-47
Gloucestershire Bell Foundries Continued. II. the Bristol FoundryH. B. Walters49-86
Fresh Material Evidence Relating to Norman GloucesterW. St. C. Baddeley87-92
People of Some Importance in Medieval GloucesterW. St. C. Baddeley93-97
Rules of the Society As Amended 22nd July, 191899-107
Proceedings at Annual General Meeting, Bristol, 1919109-127
An Archaeological Survey-An Archaeological Revival. AddressJ. E. Pritchard129-139
Proceedings at Autumnal Meeting, Cirencester, 1919141-162
Report On a Search For the Site of the Chapel of St. Blasius, HenburyJ. A. Bartlett163-169
Visit to the Churches of Barnsley, Bibury, Aldsworth, Winson, Coln Rogers, and Coln St. DenysC. E. Keyser171-204
North Nibley Tithe TerrierJ. D. Buckton205-222
Lechlade HospitalH. Salter223-226
Contents for volume 42 (1920)
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting, Malvern, June, 19201-21
Presidential AddressEarl Beauchamp23-39
A Sketch of the History of Malvern and its OwnersG. M. Rushforth41-57
The 'Collegiate' Church of LedburyA. T. Bannister59-61
The Architecture of the Church of St. Michael, LedburyS. H. Bickham63-68
Gloucestershire Fonts (c) Fifteenth CenturyA. C. Fryer69-87
A Glass House at Nailsworth (16th and 17th Century)W. St. C. Baddeley89-95
Some Miscellaneous Bristol DeedsL. J. U. Way97-123
Bristol Archaeological Notes, 1913-1919J. E. Pritchard125-148
Miscellaneous Notes On Gloucestershire BellsH. B. Walters149-176
Society Pages>>>
Contents for volume 43 (1921)
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Gloucester, July, 19211-35
Presidential AddressH. Gee37-56
Some Recent Discoveries at Flaxley Abbey, Glos., and their Relation to Mr. Middleton's Plan Made in 1881F. H. Crawley-Boevey57-62
The Customs of the Forest of DeanR. J. Kerr63-78
St. Briavel's Castle (Ledeney Parva)W. St. C. Baddeley79-84
The Jurisdiction of the Archbishops of York in Gloucestershire, with Some Notes On the History of the Priory of St. Oswald at GloucesterA. H. Thompson85-180
Avening ChurchW. St. C. Baddeley181-190
The Glass of the East Window of the Lady Chapel in Gloucester CathedralG. M. Rushforth191-218
What Was the Primary Use of 'Low Side Windows'I. Gardner219-226
Bristol and the Rev. Dr. Thos. White's Essex EstatesW. Leighton227-238
Notes on Portraits of Sir Edward MasseyF. A. Hyett239-251
The Early Years of the Royal Gloucester Yeomanry CavalryR. Austin253-266
An Inventory of the Goods of John White of Brystowe Taken in 1559L. J. U. Way267-278
Contents for volume 44 (1922)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Chepstow and Tintern 29th May 19221-12
Proceedings of the Annual Summer Meeting at Tetbury and Malmesbury 22nd July 192213-54
Keynotes on CollectingF. H. Crawley-Boevey55-77
Bristol Archaeological Notes, 1920-1923 including the latest 'Chatterton Find'J. E. Pritchard79-100
The Excavation at Cirencester, February - March 1922W. St. C. Baddeley101-115
On the Inscribed Brick-Tabula found at CirencesterW. St. C. Baddeley117-120
Early charters of Saint Nicholas Church, BristolL. J. U. Way121-144
Philip Jones of CirencesterR. Austin145-153
Early Bristol Medical Institutions, the Medieval Hospitals, and Barber SurgeonsG. Parker155-178
Gloucestershire Fonts (d) Fifteenth CenturyA. C. Fryer179-201
A hitherto unknown Original Print of the Great Plan of Bristol by Jacobus Millerd, 1673J. E. Pritchard203-220
Stanley St. LeonardsC. Swynnerton221-269
St Mary Redcliffe, BristolH. Brakspear271-292
The Great East Window of Gloucester CathedralG. M. Rushforth293-304
Inscription at ClaptonG. M. Rushforth305-307
Gloucestershire Literature: Supplement to the "Bibliographer's Manual"309-310
Conference of Record Societies311-311
Schedule of Ancient Monuments311-312
Bristol Diocesan Advisory Committee312-312
Celt at Ozleworth312-312
Millerd's Plan of Bristol, 1673312-313
Cavalry Standards at Bromesberrow313-313
Cirencester Place-names: Lewis StreetW. St. C. Baddeley314-316
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Contents for volume 45 (1923)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Frocester, Stanley St. Leonard, Sapperton and Miserden, 28th May, 19231-9
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Chipping Campden, September, 192310-53
Presidential AddressC. W. C. Oman55-70
The Church and Rectory of BucklandE. A. B. Barnard71-85
Custom-Scrubs or Roman TumpW. St. C. Baddeley87-90
A Romano-Celtic Sculpture at ChurchamW. St. C. Baddeley91-93
BromesberrowW. W. Lloyd95-153
Annalia DubrensiaF. A. Hyett155-164
Tobacco Pipes of Bristol of the 17th Century and their MakersJ. E. Pritchard165-191
Excavations at Sea MillsA. T. Martin, with a report by E. K. Tratman193-201
Some Early Court Rolls of the Manors of Stonehouse, King's Stanley, Woodchester, and AchardsC. Swynnerton203-252
The First Latin-English Dictionary. A Bristol University ManuscriptP. Haworth253-275
Excavations at 'Chapel Haye,' ChurchdownR. W. Murray277-284
A Roman Draught-Board285-285
Romano-British Villa at WhitminsterW. St. C. Baddeley285-286
Compotus Roll of Tewkesbury Abbey286-287
The Society's Library287-287
The Britwell Library287-288
Ancient Bridges288-289
County Muniments289-290
English Place-Names290-291
Records of York291-291
Romano-British Altar at SiddingtonW. St. C. Baddeley291-292
The Paen at CirencesterW. St. C. Baddeley292-294
The Roman-British Stationes on Irmin StreetW. St. C. Baddeley294-295
Ancient Monuments in Gloucestershire295-297
Carved Stones in Buckland ChurchE. A. B. Barnard297-298
Contents for volume 46 (1924)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Keynsham and Bradford-on-Avon, 26th May, 19241-17
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Cheltenham, July, 192418-69
The Roman Army in BritainC. W. C. Oman71-89
The Parish Church, CheltenhamT. Overbury91-102
The Churches of Temple Guiting and Guiting PowerT. Overbury103-109
The Stonehouse HamC. Swynnerton111-125
Gloucestershire Fonts. Parts 13-14A. C. Fryer127-143
The Priory Mill of Stanley St. LeonardC. Swynnerton145-147
The Water-Mill of the Abbots of Gloucester in StonehouseC. Swynnerton149-168
Scratch Dials in GloucestershireP. Sullivan169-186
The Inventory of the Goods of Oliver Diston, Rector of Dumbleton, Gloucestershire, 1615R. Austin187-193
The Consistory Court of the Diocese of GloucesterF. S. Hockaday195-287
The Glass in the Quire Clerestory of Tewkesbury AbbeyG. M. Rushforth289-324
Matson in Tudor and early Stuart TimesW. Bazeley325-351
Redcliffe Conduit, Bristol, and Robert de BerkeleyH. C. M. Hirst353-362
Roman Villa, Chedworth: list of donations363-364
Panelled room from Wotton-under-Edge364-365
Carved Slab at Wormington, with plate365-366
Saxon Coins found on Leckhampton HillE. J. Burrow366-367
The Buckland 'Bridal' Cup367-368
Manorial RecordsR. Austin368-370
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Contents for volume 47 (1925)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Down Ampney, Kempsford, Fairford, Ampney St. Mary, and Ampney Crucis, 25 May 19251-25
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Stow-on-the-Wold, July 192526-50
Presidential AddressH. Brakspear51-63
On Certain Minor Ancient Roads to and from Corinium (Cirencester)W. St. C. Baddeley65-79
Excavations on Leckhampton Hill, Cheltenham, during the Summer of 1925E. J. Burrow, W. H. Knowles, A. E. W. Paine, and J. W. Gray81-112
Colonel Henry Norwood, of Leckhampton, co. GloucesterJ. H. Trye113-121
A Bristol Rental, 1498-9W. St. C. Baddeley123-129
The Burials of Lancastrian Notables in Tewkesbury Abbey after the Battle, A.D. 1471G. M. Rushforth131-149
Tewkesbury Abbey: the Wakeman Cenotaph and the Starved MonkG. M. Rushforth150-152
Hanborough ChurchR. C. S. Bailey153-165
Gloucestershire Fonts. Part 15A. C. Fryer167-192
The Parish Church of S. Edward, Stow-on-the-WoldT. Overbury193-204
Some Early SelwynsC. Swynnerton205-209
Glass-Making in BristolA. C. Powell211-257
Ruined Chapel at Brownshill, Chalford, and the Chapel of PagenhillM. A. Rudd259-265
Notes on Portraits of Sir Edward MasseyF. A. Hyett267-272
A Badge of Office in Winterbourne ChurchI. M. Roper273-277
Notes on the Family of BradestonR. Austin279-286
Ancient Stained Glass in Gloucestershire ChurchesS. A. Pitcher287-345
Roman Villa, Chedworth: final list of donations347-348
Avenis BarrowR. J. Burton348-350
Roman Remains, Bredon HillH. E. Foll350-352
Scotch-QuarrW. St. C. Baddeley352-353
Head of Minerva-Roma at KingscoteW. St. C. Baddeley353-354
Calcot Barn ReliefW. St. C. Baddeley354-354
Carved Stone at ChurchamW. B. Atherton354-354
Blaise Castle Estate355-355
Water-clock, Gloucester MuseumR. A. Smith355-355
The Campden Society355-357
Probate RecordsR. Austin357-358
Manorial RecordsR. Austin359-359
New Inn Building, Gloucester360-366
Establishment of the Society366-366
Contents for volume 48 (1926)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Gloucester, Ashleworth, and Tewkesbury on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the formation of the Society, 21 April 19261-19
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Bristol, July 192620-48
The Society, 1876-1926R. Austin49-56
Presidential Address: Local HistoryA. H. Thompson57-74
The Roman Pavement at WoodchesterW. St. C. Baddeley75-96
Gloucestershire Fonts. Part 16A. C. Fryer97-115
Sir John Hudleston, Constable of SudeleyC. R. Hudleston117-132
Berkeley CastleW. St. C. Baddeley133-179
Letters and Verses Written to John Smyth of Nibley on the Completion of his Berkeley HistoryR. Austin181-191
St. Peter's HospitalJ. J. Simpson193-226
The Archives of the Corporation of BristolN. D. Harding227-249
The Pithay, BristolJ. E. Pritchard251-273
Ashleworth Ecclesiastical Records275-286
The recently discovered Church at Grafton near Beckford and the Churches of Great Washbourne and Stoke OrchardW. H. Knowles287-300
Rectors of Cotes or CoatesJ. D. Thorp301-324
Old Plans and Views of BristolJ. E. Pritchard325-353
The Church of St. Nicholas of Myra, OzleworthI. L. Wilkinson. II. T. Overbury, III. W. St. C. Baddeley355-378
Ashleworth ChurchT. Overbury379-385
Deerhurst Church387-391
Ancient Monuments Scheduled391-392
Gloucester Cathedral Records392-392
Contents for volume 49 (1927)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Bath and Corsham, 30 May 19271-8
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Hereford, 5-7 July 19279-41
Presidential Address: HerefordshireG. M. Rushforth43-62
The Dispossessed Religious of GloucestershireG. Baskerville63-122
Gloucestershire Fonts. Part 17: Post-Reformation period. With appendix and index to parts 1-17A. C. Fryer123-182
Berkeley CastleEarl Berkeley183-193
The Campden MysteryF. A. Hyett195-202
A 17th Century House and Chimney-Piece in Small Street, BristolH. C. M. Hirst203-220
Deerhurst Priory Church, including the result of the excavations conducted during 1926W. H. Knowles221-258
Flaxley Grange and St. White'sM. H. Ellis259-275
Effigies of the Stratford Family at Farmcote, GloucestershireI. M. Roper277-280
Gloucestershire Cartulary: I. Concerning the Priory of Stanley St. LeonardC. Swynnerton281-299
The Painted Glass in the Lord Mayor's Chapel, BristolG. M. Rushforth301-331
Presidents and Officers of the Society, 1876-1928, and List of Places visited by the Society, 1876-1928341-361
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Contents for volume 50 (1928)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Ashchurch, Woollas Hall, Pershore and Elmley Castle, 21 May 19281-12
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting at Stroud, 3-5 July 192813-56
The Development of Architecture in Gloucestershire to the close of the Twelfth CenturyW. H. Knowles57-96
The Church of St. Nicholas, AshchurchW. H. Knowles97-102
The Severn-God and LydneyW. St. C. Baddeley103-122
A Post-Roman Settlement near Frampton on SevernW. St. C. Baddeley123-133
History of the Manor of Coates, County GloucesterJ. D. Thorp135-274
The Builder of Southam and some Deeds Connected with the EstateC. R. Hudleston275-311
Archaeology of Longtree HundredR. J. Burton313-318
Gloucestershire Fonts. (A) SupplementA. C. Fryer319-323
The Story of DauntseyG. M. Rushforth325-351
Scratch Dials in GloucestershireD. P. Dobson353-356
Hayles Abbey356-357
Bristol Record Society357-358
Belas Knap Tumulus358-360
Battle on Cherington DownR. J. Burton360-361
Burials at New Park quarryA. E. W. Paine361-363
Sir Isaac Newton's Library363-363
Straining Spoon, Temple ChurchJ. E. Pritchard364-364
The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Trust375-398
Volume FiftyR. Austin412-416
Contents for volume 51 (1929)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Charfield, Yate, Chipping Sodbury, and Dyrham 27 May 19291-16
Lydney, Gloucestershire. Presidential addressLord Bledisloe55-78
Notes on some old Gloucestershire MapsA. C. Painter79-93
The Battle of Dyrham A.D. 577W. St. C. Baddeley95-101
Lypiatt CrossW. St. C. Baddeley103-107
The Grant of Arms to Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol, 1591W. Leighton109-121
Tyndall's Park, Bristol, Fort Royal and the Fort House thereinG. Parker123-141
Sir George Onesiphorus PaulF. A. Hyett143-168
The Bridges of Gloucester and the Hospital between the BridgesM. H. Ellis169-210
Abstracts of Deeds relating to Chalford and ColcombeM. A. Rudd211-224
Bristol Archaeological Notes: 16, 1924-29J. E. Pritchard225-243
Ebbworth ManorW. St. C. Baddeley245-252
Archaeology of Bisley HundredR. J. Burton253-260
Belas Knap Long Barrow, Gloucestershire. ReportW. J. Hemp261-272
Belas Knap Long Barrow, Gloucestershire: report of the excavations of 1929J. Berry273-303
Clock and Watch Makers of the 18th century in Gloucestershire and BristolF. Buckley and G. B. Buckley305-319
Members of Parliament for Gloucestershire and Bristol, 1900-29F. A. Hyett (Glos.) and C. Wells (Bristol)321-362
The Dowdeswell christening bowl361-362
Bisley boundary stoneM. A. Rudd363-364
The Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Trust: report and accounts364-365
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Contents for volume 52 (1930)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Teddington, Hayles, Winchcombe, and Sudeley 5 May 19301-19
Proceedings at the Annual General Meeting, 8-10 July 1930, and Report of Itinerary21-78
Presidential AddressW. H. Knowles79-92
Teddington Church, WorcestershireW. H. Knowles93-101
Robert de Todeni and his HeirsA. L. Browne103-111
Additional Notes on old Gloucestershire MapsA. C. Painter113-115
Lists of Bristol Ships, 1571 and 1572J. W. D. Powell117-122
Belas Knap Long Barrow, Gloucestershire: the excavations of 1930J. Berry123-150
Notes on portions of a Late and Secondary Roman Road-System in GloucestershireW. St. C. Baddeley151-185
Elkstone Church, GloucestershireW. H. Knowles187-200
A Prehistoric and Roman Site at Barnwood near GloucesterE. M. Clifford201-254
The Roman-British Temple, ChedworthW. St. C. Baddeley255-264
WarkworthG. M. Rushforth265-274
Archaeological NotesR. J. Burton275-279
Some Ecclesiastical WillsG. Baskerville281-293
Belas Knap Long Barrow. ReportC. A. R. Radford295-299
Gloucester Roman Research Committee301-303
Two Cotswold HousesW. St. C. Baddeley304-304
Northfield Tumulus, CheltenhamH. C. Hill305-308
A Bronze Age Round Barrow, Woodchester309-312
Contents for volume 53 (1931)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Micheldean, Goodrich, English Bicknor and Newland, 4 May 19311-12
Proceedings at the Annual Meeting held at Cirencester, 7-9 July 1931, and Report of Itinerary13-63
The Wool Trade and the Woolmen of GloucestershireJ. J. Simpson65-97
The Roof Bosses in Gloucester CathedralC. J. P. Cave99-112
Early Road Planning in the Middle CotswoldsA. C. Painter113-144
Hill, GloucestershireH. Jenner-Fust145-190
The Church of S. John Baptist, Inglesham, WiltsW. H. Knowles191-205
A Sixteenth-century Monument in Westbury on Trym churchI. M. Roper and C. R. Hudleston207-214
The Tudor Relief-portrait in stone at Prinknash, GlosW. St. C. Baddeley215-218
The Early Lords of Little RissingtonA. L. Browne219-235
The West Wall of GlevumW. St. C. Baddeley237-241
The Proboscidean Remains found at Barnwood, near GloucesterK. S. Sandford243-249
Stone Pulpits of GloucestershireD. P. Dobson251-255
Folklore notesR. J. Burton255-260
Gloucestershire words, expressions and superstitionsA. E. W. Paine260-264
Dea RomaW. St. C. Baddeley264-265
A Bristol AlchemistM. Nierenstein265-266
Gloucester Roman Research Committee, report 1931-32267-284
Contents for volume 54 (1932)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting held at Slymbridge, Melksham Court, Brackenbury Camp, and Horton, 9 May 19321-25
Proceedings at the Annual Meeting held at Bristol, 12-14 July 1932, and report of Itinerary26-73
Manorial RecordsC. B. Fry75-83
Hugh WestwoodA. C. Painter85-105
Medieval CirencesterE. A. Fuller107-115
Grey Friars, GloucesterV. M. Dallas117-127
Arms of St. Augustine's Abbey, BristolG. M. Rushforth129-130
Arms of St. Mark's or the Gaunts' Hospital, BristolG. M. Rushforth131-132
Arms and Badges of Edward Stafford, third Duke of BuckinghamR. Jeffcoat133-136
Arms of the Dean and Chapter of BristolH. de Candole137-144
Manor of Charlton Kings, later AshleyF. B. Welch145-165
Black Friars at GloucesterW. H. Knowles167-201
The Minchinhampton Custumal and its place in the Story of the ManorC. E. Watson203-384
Roman-British stone bedding on the Fossway near StowW. St. C. Baddeley385-388
A Cavalier PortraitW. St. C. Baddeley388-388
Contents for volume 55 (1933)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Standish, Minchinhampton, Avening, Bisley, and Lypiatt 8 May 19331-12
Proceedings at the Annual Meeting held at Evesham, 11-13 July 1933, and Report of Itinerary13-43
A plea for the better consideration of the 17th and 18th century Monuments in our ChurchesR. Holland-Martin45-53
GlevumL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt55-104
Royal Arms in Gloucestershire ChurchesE. Fawcett105-134
The Coroners of BristolW. P. Pitt135-141
An Inscription at ChedworthA. C. Painter143-149
The Black Friars, BristolW. Leighton151-190
Newland in the Middle AgesC. Fortescue-Brickdale191-233
Leckhampton MoatJ. G. N. Clift235-248
A Tewkesbury CompotusF. W. P. Hicks249-255
The Consecration of St. Augustine's Abbey, BristolF. W. P. Hicks257-260
Anglo-Saxon Buildings and Sculpture in GloucestershireD. P. Dobson261-276
Report on Pottery found in the Crypt School grounds, Gloucester, 1931-32G. C. Dunning277-291
The Bray Family in GloucestershireA. L. Browne293-315
The Corinium Museum, Cirencester, and its CuratorsE. C. Sewell317-321
The Roman Villa, HucclecoteE. M. Clifford323-376
Excavation at Bourton on the WaterH. E. Donovan377-377
Lead Vessels Bourton on the WaterD. W. Herdman377-381
Prehistoric Vessel from HawlingD. W. Herdman381-382
Oxenton Hill Camp, with drawings of potteryG. C. Dunning383-384
Sir George Onesiphorus PaulC. R. Hudleston384-386
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Contents for volume 56 (1934)
Proceedings at the Spring Meeting at Notgrove, Bourton on the Water, Salmonsbury Camp, Farmington and Northleach 7 May 19341-8
Proceedings at the Annual Meeting held at Ross, 10-12 July 1934, and Itinerary9-44
InfluenceE. W. Lovegrove45-64
Gloucester Roman Research Committee: report on the Barbican and Bon Marche sitesW. H. Knowles, and L. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt65-82
The Martins of Redland Court, BristolC. R. Hudleston83-93
A Beehive Chamber at Ablington, GloucestershireA. D. Passmore95-98
Excavation of a Romano-British Building at Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire, 1934H. E. Donovan. With reports on the Pottery and other objects by G. C. Dunning, and on the Coins b99-128
A Roman Burial on Summerhill, above NauntonG. C. Dunning129-131
A Hoard of 'Minimissimi 'from near Bourton on the Water, GloucestershireB. H. St. J. O'Neil133-139
Robert Alfield, schoolmaster, of Gloucester, and his SonsJ. N. Langston141-163
Original Documents relating to BristolF. W. P. Hicks165-177
Newland in the Middle AgesC. Fortescue-Brickdale179-196
The Earliest Bristol-printed BookJ. E. Pritchard197-199
Richard Pates, M.P. for GloucesterA. L. Browne201-225
An Early Iron Age Site at Barnwood, GloucestershireE. M. Clifford227-230
Finds at Barnwood, GloucestershireE. M. Clifford231-235
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Contents for volume 57 (1935)
Proceedings of the Society at Syston, Cold Ashton, Colerne, Chippenham, Castle Combe, and Tormarton, 20 May 19351-18
Proceedings of the Society at Tewkesbury, 9, 10, 11 July 193519-42
Presidential AddressR. J. Kerr43-48
Gloucestershire in the Pipe RollsF. B. Welch49-109
Saxon Gloucestershire, with mapL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt110-135
Original Documents relating to BristolF. W. P. Hicks136-144
St. James' (Bristol) Fair LeasesF. W. P. Hicks145-151
The Roman Palindrome found at CirencesterE. C. Sewell152-157
The Brays of Great BarringtonA. L. Browne158-175
An 18th Century Clock at the Council House, Bristol; with Notes on Clock and Watchmakers in BristolH. E. Nott and C. R. Hudleston176-191
KempsfordA. B. Mynors192-233
Roman Finds in Bourton on the Water, GloucestershireH. E. Donovan234-259
A Roman Oven at Bourton on the Water, GloucestershireH. E. Donovan260-265
Notes on the Stained Glass in the Lord Mayor's Chapel, BristolB. Rackham266-268
The Cirencester Election of 1695A. L. Browne269-274
Roman Villa, Witcombe275-277
Mural painting, Oddington277-278
13th century pendant, BarnwoodE. M. Clifford278-279
Saxon stone, Berkeley CastleD. P. Dobson279-279
The Fosse WayH. E. Donovan280-281
Roman pavement, GloucesterL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt281-281
Gloucester Roman Research Committee financial statement, 1935282-282
Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Trust283-284
Contents for volume 58 (1936)
Proceedings of the Society at Duntisbourne Rous, Daglingworth, Bibury, Winson, Coln Rogers, Coln St. Denys, 11 May 19361-7
Proceedings of the Society at Devizes, 7-9 July 19367-26
Annual Meeting of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Trust, 7 July 193627-30
Presidential AddressE. Fawcett31-64
The Ancient Woodland of GloucestershireG. B. Grundy65-155
Iron Age pottery and Saxon burials at Foxcote Manor, Andoversford, GloucestershireH. E. Donovan and G. C. Dunning157-170
The Peculiar Jurisdiction of BiburyA. L. Browne171-194
Gloucestershire Voters in 1710C. R. Hudleston. with note by R. Austin195-205
The Church and Parish of LancautJ. G. Wood, with notes by D. P. Dobson and F. W. P. Hicks207-218
Original documents of the thirteenth century relating to BristolF. W. P. Hicks219-242
The Will of Robert Huntington, vicar of Leigh, 1648-1664R. Austin243-256
The City of Gloucester and the Regulation of Corporations, 1662-63R. Austin257-274
Antiquities of GloucestershireR. Austin275-278
Arms of Wakering, of NewlandC. F. Brickdale279-280
Sculptured Heads, NewlandC. F. Brickdale280-282
Lancet Window, GloucesterL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt281-281
Cistern at MitcheldeanF. H. Harris281-283
Hand hammer, and jug, LydneyF. H. Harris283-284
Stone Axe from Foxcote, Andoversford, GloucestershireG. C. Dunning284-285
Fosbrooke's History of GloucesterR. Austin286-290
Contents for volume 59 (1937)
Proceedings of the Society at Staunton, Monmouth, Trellech, and Tintern, 24 May 19371-4
Proceedings at the Annual Meeting, Wells, 6, 7, 8 July 19374-24
Proceedings at the Autumn Meeting, 14 September 193724-28
Annual Meeting of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Trust, 6 July 193729-32
Presidential AddressF. W. Duart-Smith33-59
The Commission for Ecclesiastical Causes for the Dioceses of Bristol and Gloucester, 1574F. D. Price61-184
Gloucestershire in the Pipe RollsF. B. Welch185-204
The Ancient Woodland of GloucestershireG. B. Grundy205-209
Wick Rissington TranscriptsA. L. Browne211-219
George Whitefield's AncestryC. R. Hudleston221-242
The Manor and Parish of Burnett, SomersetW. Leighton243-285
The Earthworks at Rodborough, Amberley, and Minchinhampton, GloucestershireE. M. Clifford287-307
Ancient Bristol: list of Prehistoric and Roman Remains and of Structures of Archaeological and Architectural Interest309-320
Robert Knolles, vicar of BiburyR. Austin321-323
Saxon head-piece, LeckhamptonR. Austin324-326
Roman Pottery, LydneyF. H. Harris327-327
Sheriff's Disbursements, 1713-14A. L. Browne327-329
Excavations, Sea Mills, near BristolD. P. Dobson330-332
Excavations, Prestbury, near CheltenhamH. E. Donovan333-334
Burial at CondicoteH. E. Donovan334-334
Skeleton at Great RissingtonH. E. Donovan334-334
Jackbarrow, Duntisbourne AbbotsE. M. Clifford334-337
Iron hinge, Stoke Orchard337-337
Roman Research Committee, Gloucester337-338
Royal ArmsE. Fawcett338-340
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Contents for volume 60 (1938)
Proceedings of the Society at Barrow Court, Chew Stoke, Chew Magna, Stanton Drew, Whitchurch, Burnett1-4
Proceedings at the Annual Summer Meeting, Northampton,5-25
Proceedings at Longborough, Bourton on the Hill, Ilmington, Quinton, Meon Hill, Broadway26-27
Annual Meeting of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Trust28-29
The Black Death in BristolC. E. Boucher31-46
Roof Bosses at LechladeC. J. P. Cave47-50
Gloucester Diocese under Bishop Hooper, 1551-3F. D. Price51-151
Adlestrop Hill Barrow, GloucestershireH. E. Donovan. With report by Dr A. J. E. Cave152-164
Gloucester Roman Research Committee: report 1938-9W. H. Knowles165-168
Robert Sturmy, of BristolF. W. P. Hicks169-179
Surface Flints from Leonard StanleyH. S. Gracie180-189
An Eighteenth Century Flagon from ArlinghamC. I. Gardiner190-193
A Roman Coin Hoard from BristolA. S. Robertson194-197
Bristol Gold and Silversmiths and Clock and WatchmakersH. E. Morton and C. R. Hudleston198-227
Stencilled Wall-paintings, NorthleachF. W. Reader228-237
Two Vanished Fishponds HousesA. B. Robinson and C. R. Hudleston238-259
Shrewsbury (Talbot) Manuscripts: Gloucestershire referencesE. S. Scroggs260-296
Roman Altars in GloucestershireE. M. Clifford297-307
Excavations at Berkeley CastleEarl Berkeley308-339
Founders' Book of Tewkesbury AbbeyR. Austin340-341
Bristol Charters341-341
Coffin-Slab, Bristol CathedralE. Fawcett342-343
Underground Chambers, MiserdenE. M. Clifford343-346
Strainer and Pottery, LydneyF. H. Harris346-347
Bas-relief, Calcot Barn347-348
Beaker found at PrestburyE. M. Clifford, with report by A. J. E. Cave348-349
Human Remains, Charlton KingsE. M. Clifford, with report by A. J. E. Cave350-351
Lillyhorn Villa, Bisley351-352
Gloucester AntiquitiesR. Austin352-354
St. Anne's Chapel, BrislingtonC. R. Hudleston354-354
Gloucester WillsR. Austin354-355
Bisley CrossesM. A. Rudd355-358
New Corinium Museum, CirencesterR. Austin358-359
Sir Robert Atkyns, the youngerR. Austin360-361
Contents for volume 61 (1939)
Proceedings of the Society at Hinton Charterhouse, Farleigh Castle, South Wraxall Manor, Corsham Court, and Bath1-4
Proceedings of the Society at the 64th Annual Meeting, held at Gloucester 5-6 July 1939, and report of Itinerary5-29
Gloucestershire RecordsR. Austin30-49
The Spillman CartularyC. E. Watson50-94
St. Edith's Well and St. Peter's Cross, BristolC. E. Boucher95-106
Reports on Roman Remains, GloucestershireH. E. O'Neil107-131
The Fosse Way at Culkerton WoodC. E. Stevens132-134
Stone Coffins, GloucestershireH. H. Willmore135-177
A Bristol Poll-tax, 1666E. Ralph178-187
A Gloucestershire Rector's Lament for Edward IC. Fortescue-Brickdale188-195
John Evans of BristolC. R. Hudleston196-201
Excavations at Sea Mills, near Bristol, 1938D. P. Dobson, and F. Walker, with list of pottery by J. S. Kirkman202-223
Mayoral Sword-rests in BristolE. Fawcett, and E Ralph. with Diary of the Swordbearers of Bristol224-270
Archbishop Sheldon and the Dioceses of Gloucester and BristolA. L. Browne271-280
Title Deeds of the Manor of Prestbury, GloucestershireA. L. Browne281-286
Penal Laws in GloucestershireA. L. Browne287-293
Deerhurst Priory ChurchE. C. Gilbert294-307
The West Window, Cirencester ChurchW. I. Croome308-317
S. Oswald's Priory, GloucesterR. Austin318-319
Long Row Almshouse, BristolM. Paterson320-321
Thomas BayntonC. R. Hudleston321-322
Richard Warren, GlassmakerC. R. Hudleston322-323
Scratch dials, SlimbridgeE. Fawcett323-324
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Contents for volume 62 (1940)
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: IntroductionE. G. Kimball (ed.)5-8
The Background of the Gloucestershire Peace RollsE. G. Kimball (ed.)9-11
The Peace Rolls and the King's BenchE. G. Kimball (ed.)11-15
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: Commissions of the Peace: (A) The Commissions for the SessionsE. G. Kimball (ed.)15-20
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: Commissions of the Peace: (B) The Personnel of the CommissionsE. G. Kimball (ed.)21-32
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: The Sessions of the PeaceE. G. Kimball (ed.)32-42
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: The Offences on the Peace RollsE. G. Kimball (ed.)42-48
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: The Justices of the Peace and the King's BenchE. G. Kimball (ed.)48-51
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: The Economic and Social Material on the Peace RollsE. G. Kimball (ed.)51-52
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: Rules Used in the TranscriptionsE. G. Kimball (ed.)53-53
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: Sessions of the Peace in Gloucestershire, 1361-1398E. G. Kimball (ed.)54-57
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: Text of Assize Roll 297 (Roll I), 1361-1363E. G. Kimball (ed.)58-79
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: Text of Assize Roll 293 (Roll II), 1378E. G. Kimball (ed.)79-99
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: Text of Assize Roll 298 (Roll III), 1384-1386E. G. Kimball (ed.)100-142
Gloucestershire Peace Rolls: Text of Ancient Indictments 30 (Roll IV), 1395-1398E. G. Kimball (ed.)142-165
Contents for volume 63 (1942)
Priors of Lanthony by GloucesterJ. N. Langston1-144
The Copper Works at Redbrook and at BristolR. Jenkins145-167
Working Oxen at CirencesterE. M. Clifford168-171
Surface Flints from Long Newnton, GloucestershireH. S. Gracie172-189
Wyrall Lands and DeedsM. C. Hill190-206
Church Plate in the Archdeaconry of CheltenhamF. W. Sears207-238
The Theatre Royal, Bristol239-243
The Council for the Preservation of Ancient Bristol244-247
Henbury Church248-248
Gloucestershire Deeds and Seals248-249
Sir Matthew Hale249-249
Scratch Dials, GloucestershireD. P. Dobson249-250
Sea MillsD. P. Dobson250-251
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Contents for volume 64 (1943)
Gloucestershire Enclosure Acts and AwardsW. E. Tate1-70
John Deighton of Gloucester, SurgeonE. A. B. Barnard, and L. F. Newman71-88
Cowry Shell and Flint Cores from Ashen Plains, DursleyK. P. Oakley89-95
The Machen Family, GloucestershireH. A. Machen96-112
Sir Vincent Gookin of Highfield, GloucestershireC. R. Hudleston113-117
Bristol Wills and DocumentsA. Sabin118-147
Gloucestershire Militia Men in 1797148-157
Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of GloucesterR. Austin158-163
The Native Speech of GloucestershireC. H. Lemmon164-210
The Hillier Family of Cirencester from 1635 and the Family of ParryL. G. H. Horton-Smith211-239
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Contents for volume 65 (1944)
Whitson Court Sugar House, Bristol, 1665-1824I. V. Hall1-97
Gold in Dean ForestC. E. Hart98-104
The Giffards of BrimpsfieldJ. N. Langston105-128
The Family of Scrupes or Crupes of Whittington, GloucestershireC. T. Clay129-140
A Letter-book of S. Augustine's, BristolR. Hill141-156
King Street, BristolW. Leighton, with sketch elevation by J. N. Meredith157-160
Grants and Leases of Lands in King Street, BristolE. Ralph160-166
Buildings in Bristol of Architectural or Historic Interest damaged or destroyed by Enemy Action, 1940-42167-174
The Borough of Stow on the WoldM. C. Hill175-186
Graves found at Hailes, GloucestershireE. M. Clifford187-198
John and Joan Cooke's gift to GloucesterR. Austin199-219
Kingswood Abbey ChartersR. Austin220-220
Coal-ownership in the Forest of DeanC. E. Hart220-221
A Well in Westgate Street, GloucesterO. F. Parsons and B Frith222-224
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Contents for volume 66 (1945)
Medieval Gloucester: IL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt1-48
The Gloucestershire Woollen Industry, 1100-1690R. Perry49-137
The Origin and the Geographical extent of the Hundred of St. Briavels in GloucestershireC. E. Hart138-165
The Metes and Bounds of the Forest of DeanC. E. Hart166-207
The Arundells of GloucestershireE. Arundell208-218
John Workman, Puritan LecturerJ. N. Langston219-232
Pit-dwellings or not pit-dwellingsT. Hay233-237
Lydney ShipsF. H. Harris238-245
Some Notes on Deighton, Gookin, Terrill and Giffard of BrimpsfieldG. A. Moriarty246-254
A Roman coin found below Aust CliffS. Smith255-257
The Roman site at Sea Mills, 1945-46G. C. Boon with notes, by J. Baxter, A. Mitchinson and G. R. Stanton258-295
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Contents for volume 67 (1946-48)
Endowed Charity in Bristol and GloucestershireW. Leighton1-20
Graffiti on the Reredos of the Lady Chapel of Gloucester CathedralR. H. D. Short21-36
The Fleece in Upper Westgate Street, a ' Great Inn' of about 1500H. G. W. Household37-57
The Civil Government of Gloucester, 1640-6J. K. G. Taylor59-118
Dowdeswell Court Book, 1577-1673M. G. Hill119-216
Medieval Gloucester: IIL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt217-306
The Architectural History of Chepstow Castle during the Middle AgesJ. C. Perks307-346
A First-Century Well in Estcourt Road, GloucesterC. Green347-358
Robert Tracy (c. 1695-1767)H. B. Fant359-364
A Medieval SermonE. P. Baker365-373
Mortarium-Stamps in Gloucester MuseumE. Birley374-380
Mosaic Floor at CirencesterE. M. Clifford381-395
Tyley Bottom, Wotton under EdgeC. Overy396-398
What was the Original Apse of Tewkesbury like?E. G. Benson399-404
Gloucestershire Woollen TradeK. G. Ponting404-409
Bannut Tree House, Nailsworth, GlosT. Hay409-410
Report on Medieval Pottery from BeckfordG. C. Dunning410-412
Ferdinando Stratford of GloucestershireI. E. Gray412-415
Medieval Farmstead on Bredon HillL. M. Threipland415-418
Monumental Brass SocietyG. A. Jones418-420
Meetings of the Society 1947-1949422-441
Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Trust Meetings andAccounts 1947-49442-442
Robinson Bequest443-447
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Contents for volume 68 (1949)
The Severn as a Highway in Prehistoric TimesE. M. Clifford5-13
Centuriation at GloucesterC. A. F. Berry14-21
Hut Sites on Selsley Common near StroudH. S. Gracie22-29
Report on the Medieval Pottery from Selsley Common, near StroudG. C. Dunning30-44
A History of Wortley, in the Parish of Wotton-under-Edge. Part IE. S. Lindley45-90
The Wills of Bristol Merchants in the Great Orphan BooksP. V. McGrath91-109
Bristol's Second Sugar HouseI. V. Hall110-164
John Knight Junior Sugar Refiner at the Great House on St. Augustine's Back, 1654-1679I. V. Hall110-164
Agriculture in Gloucestershire during the Napoleonic WarsW. E. Minchinton165-183
A Claudian Origin for Sea MillsG. C. Boon184-188
A Wall-Painting in St. Mary's Church, Wotton-under-EdgeE. S. Lindley and S. Grimes189-190
William Archard: an unrecognized Gloucestershire WorthyE. S. Lindley190-198
Inscription on a Tomb at AlderleyR. H. Penley198-200
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Contents for volume 69 (1950)
Excavations at King's WestonG. C. Boon5-58
Ivy Lodge Round Cairn, WoodchesterE. M. Clifford59-77
The Parish Church of St. Mary, Dymock, GloucestershireN. Drinkwater78-90
A History of Wortley, in the Parish of Wotton-under-Edge, Part IIE. S. Lindley91-195
An Iron Age Site near CheltenhamE. W. Webb and F. Purnell197-199
Romano-British Settlement on Bredon HillA. M. Williams199-200
A Cyst of Roman Date found at Hambrook, Winterbourne201-202
A Sixteenth Century Italian Medal found near BerkeleyR. A. G. Carson203-203
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Contents for volume 70 (1951)
Excavations in the City of Bristol, 1948-51K. Marshall5-50
The date of the Orpheus mosaic from The Barton, Cirencester ParkA. Fox51-53
Ridley's Almshouses, BristolB. H. St. J. O'Neil54-63
The Rise of the Berkeleys: An Account of the Berkeleys of Berkeley Castle, 1243, 1361. Part IW. J. Smith64-80
The Household Accounts of Elizabeth Berkeley, Countess of Warwick, 1420-1C. Ross81-105
Some recent Discoveries in local RecordsI. E. Gray106-118
The Connexions between John Knight, Jnr. and the Parsons and Jennings familiesI. V. Hall119-125
The Beginnings of Trade Unionism in the Gloucestershire Woollen IndustryW. E. Minchinton126-141
A Neolithic tanged arrow-head from Withington. GlosW. N. Terry142-142
Crutched Friars at Wotton under EdgeE. S. Lindley143-144
The Stone of the Canopy of Edward II's Tomb in Gloucester CathedralL. Richardson144-145
A Kingswood Abbey RentalE. S. Lindley145-151
St. Arild of ThornburyE. S. Lindley152-153
Lords Lieutenant of Gloucestershire153-154
The Grant of Arms to the Cary FamilyI. V. Hall155-156
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Contents for volume 71 (1952)
The Merchant Venturers of Bristol; an AddressL. G. Taylor5-12
Whittington Court Roman Villa, Glos.: A Report of the Excavations undertaken from 1948 to 1951H. E. O'Neil13-87
Regional Character in West Country Medieval Pottery, illustrated from Gloucester, Brockworth and Bourton-on-the-Water, with Notes on the use of Spectrographic Analyses of Medieval GlazesE. M. Jope88-97
The Gloucester ChristD. T. Rice98-100
The Rise of the Berkeleys: An Account of the Berkeleys of Berkeley Castle, 1243-1361. Part II: (i) The Berkeley Lands, (ii) The Berkeleys as Local MagnatesW. J. Smith101-121
Old Catholic Families of Gloucestershire. I. The Pauncefotes of HasfieldJ. N. Langston122-144
Paper Mills in GloucestershireA. H. Shorter145-161
Spoonley Wood Roman Villa, Glos., May 1952H. E. O'Neil162-166
Stone TilesE. S. Lindley167-168
William de SydeE. S. Lindley169-170
Chandos JusticeE. S. Lindley170-172
Sapperton ChurchA. Ruck172-173
Lords Lieutenant of Gloucestershire174-175
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Contents for volume 72 (1953)
Gloucestershire ChurchesW. J. Croome5-22
The Marshfield BarrowsG. L. Gettins, H. Taylor, and L. V. Grinsell23-44
Excavations in the Earthwork at Bitton, GlosG. C. Boon45-48
The Newent Funerary TabletG. Zarnecki49-55
An Original Charter of Henry Plantagenet, Duke of NormandyP. Hull56-66
Two Unknown Seals of the Bristol Franciscans, and a Canynges Deed dated 1465D. Whitfield67-78
Old Catholic Families of Gloucestershire II. The Staffords and Howards of ThornburyJ. N. Langston79-104
The Society of Merchant Venturers and the Port of Bristol in the 17th CenturyP. V. McGrath105-128
New Light on the Iron Industry of the Forest of DeanB. L. C. Johnson129-143
The Election of a Verderer for Her Majesty's Forest of Dean, held at Shire Hall, Gloucester, on the 18 November 1952,A. Scott144-149
A Bronze spear-head from Moreton-in-MarshW. N. Terry150-151
A Gold Stater from GloucestershireL. V. Grinsell152-152
Roman Building in Southgate Street, GloucesterD. M. Rennie153-154
Burials in Kingsholm Square, GloucesterD. M. Rennie154-154
The Kingscote Stone CoffinE. S. Lindley154-157
Kingscote Wotton-under-EdgeN. Kingscote157-158
A Mural Painting in St. Mary's Church, Wotton-under-EdgeE. S. Lindley158-158
Burials of Parliamentarians at BerkeleyM. Holmes158-159
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Contents for volume 73 (1954)
The Roman Villa at WitcombeE. M. Clifford5-69
Trial Excavations at Sea Mills, 1954K. R. Nightingale70-72
Deerhurst Priory Church RevisitedE. Gilbert73-114
Kingswood Abbey, its Lands and Mills, IE. S. Lindley115-191
Compotus Rolls of St. Augustine's Abbey, Bristol, for the years 1503-4 and 1506-7A. Sabin192-207
The Parentage of William Tyndale, alias Huchyns, Translator and MartyrC. Overy and A. C. Tyndale208-215
The Petitions of the Weavers and Clothiers of Gloucestershire in 1756W. E. Minchinton216-227
Two Stone Axes in Gloucester MuseumM. D. Craster228-229
The Romano-British Settlement on Bredon. Elmont Coppice Site, 1953. A Storage-jar GraffitoA. M. Williams230-230
The Calcot Barn StoneE. S. Lindley230-232
A Carved Stone at DyrhamE. S. Lindley232-232
Wotton under Edge NotesE. S. Lindley232-234
The Pauncefotes of Hasfield, an addendumJ. N. Langston235-236
A Gloucestershire Cookery BookC. R. Hudleston236-237
Gazebo or Folly on Tidenham ChaseC. Scott-Garrett237-241
Roland AustinL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt242-243
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Contents for volume 74 (1955)
Artifacts of Graig Lwyd Rock from Nailsworth, GlosA. D. Lacaille5-14
Tidenham Chase BarrowC. Scott-Garrett15-35
Kingswood Abbey, its Lands and Mills, IIE. S. Lindley36-59
Parliamentary Burgesses for Bristol and Gloucester, 1422-1437J. T. Driver60-127
Old Catholic Families of Gloucestershire: The Casseys of Wightfield in DeerhurstJ. N. Langston128-152
Henry Cruger and the end of Edmund Burke's connection with BristolJ. R. Christie153-170
A Graffito from the Roman Villa at Witcombe, near GloucesterF. H. Thompson171-172
Woodchester Roman VillaH. E. O'Neil172-175
A Romano-British Burial at Cutsdean, Glos., 1955H. E. O'Neil176-176
Villam le Geometer?E. Ward177-179
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Bristol; some new materialM. Holmes180-187
The Connexions between John Knight, Junior, and the Jennings, Latch and Gorges families, 1641-1653I. V. Hall188-199
Hale of AlderleyE. S. Lindley199-202
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Contents for volume 75 (1956)
Prestbury MoatH. E. O'Neil5-34
The Foundation of the Abbey of St. Augustine at BristolA. Sabin35-42
Sir John Cheyne of Beckford, Knight of the Shire for Gloucestershire in 1390, 1393, 1394 and in 1399, when elected SpeakerJ. S. Roskell43-72
Kingswood Abbey, its Lands and Mills, IIIE. S. Lindley73-104
Old Catholic Families of Gloucestershire: The Bushells of Broad MarstonJ. N. Langston105-115
Ralph Bigland and his FamilyI. E. Gray116-133
Prisoners of War in Stapleton jail, near BristolD. Vintner134-170
The Gloucestershire Association for Parliamentary Reform, 1780E. A. L. Moir171-192
Three Roman Stone Coffin-burials from Wick, GloucestershireP. A. Rahtz and L. V. Grinsell193-198
Romano-British Sites at Chestnuts Hill and Popes Hill, Forest of DeanC. Scott-Garrett199-202
A Note on a Small Excavation at CirencesterR. Reece203-204
Gloucester City Library-Microfilm Reader204-204
Godwin and Berkeley, a LegendE. Watson-Williams205-209
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Contents for volume 76 (1957)
Gloucestershire and the Norman ConquestD. Douglas5-20
The Cirencester Word-squareD. Atkinson21-34
Akeman Street, Quenington, GloucestershireH. E. O'Neil35-43
Investigation of Roman Roadway at Weston-sub-Edge, GloucestershireB. G. Cox44-47
Hospitium: a Feudal Service of HospitalityD. Walker48-61
William of Wycumbe, Fourth Prior of LlanthonyC. H. Talbot62-69
A Newly Discovered Relief at RuardeanG. Zarnecki70-74
The Last of the Brimpsfield Giffards, and the Rising of 1321-2R. F. Butler75-97
A Short Study in Valor EcclesiasticusE. S. Lindley98-117
Temple St. Sugar House under the First Partnership of Richard Lane and John Hine (1662-78)I. V. Hall118-140
Condicote Earthwork, a Henge Monument, GloucestershireH. E. O'Neil141-146
Two Socketed Bronze Axes from GloucestershireC. Scott-Garrett, and L. V. Grinsell146-149
Brackenbury DitchesE. S. Lindley150-156
A Romano-British Burial at South Cerney, GloucestershireE. M. Clifford, and D. R. Brothwell157-160
Chedworth Roman Villa: an Exploratory TrenchE. Rutter160-164
The Horsefair Cemetery, BristolE. J. Mason164-171
The Greville-Tame MarriageI. E. Gray171-172
Extracts from the Rev. G. Ernest Howman's Account of the Restoration of Barnsley Church, January, 1847D. C. W. Verey173-178
Stoke Orchard Church182-185
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Contents for volume 77 (1958)
1-5, King's Square, Gloucester, 1958H. E. O'Neil5-22
St. Peter's Church, Frocester, and an Underlying Roman BuildingH. S. Gracie23-30
Three Gloucestershire Military TombstonesJ. Maiden31-41
Saxon WottonE. S. Lindley42-47
Littledean CampC. Scott-Garrett48-60
A Medieval Site at Chalk Hill, Temple Guiting, Gloucestershire, 1957R. C. Baldwyn And H. E. O'Neil61-65
Miles of Gloucester, Earl of HerefordD. Walker66-84
William Laud, Dean of Gloucester, 1616-1621B. Taylor85-96
The Pastons of HortonJ. N. Langston97-126
Burke's Bristol FriendsP. T. Underdown127-150
The Marshfield Barrows, Supplementary NoteL. V. Grinsell151-155
Roman Remains at Brownshill, PainswickI. E. Gray155-156
Kingswood Abbey and Wortley, Addenda et CorrigendaE. S. Lindley156-158
Bristol Delft Tiles in Fireplaces found at Beaufort Place, Bristol, 1958K. Marochan and K. W. Reed159-161
A Reputed Underground Passage at Coberley, GloucestershireH. E. O'Neil161-163
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Contents for volume 78 (1959)
The Roman Villa at Chedworth, 1958-59I. A. Richmond5-23
The Excavation of an Earthwork on Rodborough Common in 1954-55D. M. Rennie24-43
Cirencester, Dyer Court Excavation, 1957G. Webster44-85
Roman Iron Mine in Lydney ParkC. Scott-Garrett86-91
A Penny of Cnut found in the Churchyard at ColesbourneR. H. M. Dolley92-95
The Anglo-Saxon Charters of Stoke BishopE. S. Lindley96-109
The Family of Sargeaunt, of Hart Barn, LonghopeW. T. Sargeaunt110-118
Burton's Almshouse, Long Row, BristolK. Marochan and K. W. Reed119-128
Smith of Nibley's WillI. E. Gray129-136
The Parliamentary Representation of the City of Gloucester (1727-90)J. Cannon137-152
Bristol's Vanished BuildingsThe Council for the Preservation of Ancient Bristol153-160
Wycombe Roman Site, AndoversfordH. E. O'Neil and A. D. Saunders161-162
Coins from the Roman Villa at ChedworthR. Reece162-165
Roman Coins from GloucesterR. Reece166-166
The Chapels of St. Werburgha and St. BlaiseO. M. Griffiths167-169
A Group of Medieval jugs from Bristol Castle WellK. J. Barton169-174
An Almondsbury Parish RegisterA. Green175-179
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Contents for volume 79 (1960)
Gloucestershire Barrows, IntroductionH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell5-9
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: A. Typology and ChronologyL. V. Grinsell10-29
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: B. Number and DistributionL. V. Grinsell30-31
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: C. StructureL. V. Grinsell32-34
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: D. Evidences of Funerary RitualL. V. Grinsell35-38
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: E. References in the Anglo-Saxon Land ChartersL. V. Grinsell39-45
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: F. Local NamesL. V. Grinsell46-49
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: G. FolkloreL. V. Grinsell50-53
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: H. Later HistoryL. V. Grinsell54-61
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: J. A Suggested Programme for Future ResearchL. V. Grinsell62-63
Gloucestershire Barrows, Analysis: K. Museums containing Objects from Gloucestershire BarrowsL. V. Grinsell64-65
Gloucestershire Barrows, Lists: Introduction: Notes on the tabulated columnsH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell66-67
Gloucestershire Barrows, Lists: Long Barrows, BristolH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell68-68
Gloucestershire Barrows, Lists: Long Barrows, GloucestershireH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell69-96
Gloucestershire Barrows, Lists: Long Barrows, Other Structures presumed NeolithicH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell97-98
Gloucestershire Barrows, Lists: Round Barrows, BristolH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell99-100
Gloucestershire Barrows, Lists: Round Barrows, GloucestershireH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell100-138
Gloucestershire Barrows, Appendix A: Concordance with O. G. S. Crawford's Long Barrows of the CotswoldsH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell139-140
Gloucestershire Barrows, Appendix B: Concordance with G. B. Witts' Archaeological Handbook of GloucestershireH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell140-142
Gloucestershire Barrows, Appendix C: Concordance with the `T' numbers of the University of Bristol Spelaeological SocietyH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell142-143
Gloucestershire Barrows, Appendix E: Key to well-known BarrowsH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell143-143
Gloucestershire Barrows, Appendix D: Concordance with William Greenwell's BarrowsH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell143-143
Rocks and the ArchaeologistF. S. Wallis155-158
A Romano-British Bath Block at Trevor Road Hucclecote, GlosA. G. Hunter159-173
The 'Honours of the Earls of Hereford in the Twelfth CenturyD. Walker174-211
Strip Lynchets in the Gloucestershire CotswoldG. Wittington212-220
Excavation by the Town Wall, Baldwin Street, Bristol, 1957P. A. Rahtz221-250
Excavations at Back Hall, Bristol, 1958K. J. Barton251-286
The Bakke of BristoweE. W. Williams287-292
Gloucestershire Politics, 1750-1800J. Cannon293-297
Fifield Long Barrow I, on Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire County BoundaryH. E. O'Neil298-301
Stamped Roman Tile in Berkeley ChurchC. Scott-Garrett302-302
A Saxon Grave-StoneE. S. Lindley303-305
The Knight on the TowerE. S. Lindley306-307
An 18th-century Wall decoration from Culver Street, BristolK. W. Reed and K. Marochan308-308
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Contents for volume 80 (1961)
Cathedral Life at Gloucester in the Early 17th CenturyS. J. A. Evans5-15
Shenberrow Hill Camp, Stanton, GloucestershireC. I. Fell16-41
The Hucclecote Roman VillaE. M. Clifford42-49
Roman Remains from The Bon Marche, 1955M. D. Cra'ster50-58
St. Michael's, Gloucester, 1956M. D. Cra'ster59-74
The Collection of Coins at Sudeley CastleR. Reece75-79
A Note on the Anglo-Saxon Mint at BerkeleyR. H. M. Dolley80-89
The Marriages of Robert Son of Robert Son of HardingC. Clay90-92
Quenington, GloucestershireE. M. Clifford93-98
The Battle of TewkesburyJ. D. Blyth99-120
A John Smyth BibliographyE. S. Lindley121-131
The Garlicks, Two Generations of a Bristol Family (1692-1781)I. V. Hall132-159
Some Evidence of Two Types of Pottery Manufactured in Bristol in the Early 18th-centuryK. J. Barton160-168
A Group of 2nd-century Pottery from BristolE. Harris169-172
Commemorative Plaque in Bourton Bridge at Bourton on the WaterH. E. O'Neil173-174
A Reinterpretation of the Anglo-Saxon Survey of Stoke BishopS. Everett175-178
Long Newnton, the Fosse WayH. S. Gracie179-179
Bagendon, the Iron Age CampH. S. Gracie179-179
17th-18th-century Amphora from Moreton ValenceA. G. Hunter180-181
A Bristol WatchmakerC. R. Hudleston182-183
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Contents for volume 81 (1962)
The History of Art in GloucestershireJ. Evans5-9
Friars' Orchard, Technical College, Gloucester, I961H. E. O' Neil10-40
Cirencester: Romano-British Wall-paintings from the Dyer Court Excavations, 1957J. Liversidge41-50
The Oakley Cottage Romano-British Cemetery, CirencesterR. Reece51-72
Brimpsfield Church HistoryR. F. Butler73-97
Lionel Cranfield and the Rectory of CampdenC. Whitfield98-118
Chandeliers in Gloucestershire ChurchesR. Sherlock119-137
Bristol Port Plans and Improvement SchemesA. F. Williams138-188
Crews Hole Pottery, St. George, BristolK. Marochan189-193
Romano-British Sculpture from DornM. V. Taylor194-195
An Anglo-Saxon Cauldron from Kempsford, GlosR. D. Abbott196-197
The Abbey of St. Mary, CirencesterR. Reece198-203
Sir Robert Atkyns the Elder and Lower Swell ChurchC. R. Elrington204-207
James DallawayH. O'Neil and L. V. Grinsell208-210
Front Door FurnitureE. S. Lindley211-211
The Lysons FamilyI. E. Gray212-213
Parish of Great Witcombe, Two Romano-British SitesG. T. Harding214-215
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Contents for volume 82 (1963)
The Long Barrows of the CotswoldsG. E. Daniel5-17
Roman Material from Dorn, GloucestershireA. Oswald18-24
Excavations at the Bon Marche Site, Gloucester, 1958-59A. G. Hunter25-65
Anglo-Saxon Architecture and Sculpture in the Cotswold AreaT. F. Mackay66-94
A Medieval Pottery Kiln at Ham Green, BristolK. J. Barton95-126
Brimpsfield Church History-Part IVR. F. Butler127-142
Some Early Records of FrocesterI. E. Gray143-147
St Peter's Church, FrocesterH. S. Gracie148-167
The Black Friars, GloucesterA. D. Saunders168-176
Sir William Semple and Bristol's Andalucian Trade, 1597-98A. J. Loomie177-187
Shakespeare's Gloucestershire Contemporaries and the Essex RisingC. Whitfield188-201
A Section of Offa's Dyke at Buttington Tump, TidenhamJ. M. Lewis202-204
A Burial at Kingscote, GloucestershireE. M. Clifford205-207
Hailes ChurchE. M. Clifford208-209
The Date of the Three Shire Stones, Near BatheastonA. J. H. Gunstone210-211
Lodge Park, Aldsworth, and the Rules for CoursingW. I. Croome212-214
A Roman Site at FarmingtonW. D. Chapman215-215
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Contents for volume 83 (1964)
The Royce Collection at Stow-on-the-WoldL. V. Grinsell5-33
Two Finds of Beaker Pottery from GloucestershireE. M. Clifford34-39
An Enclosure on Crickley Hill, GlosE. M. Clifford40-48
Deerhurst Priory Church and its First String CourseE. Gilbert49-69
William Botiller: A Fifteenth-Century Civil ServantR. Griffiths70-77
The River Twyver and the FullbrookL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt78-84
The Survey of Church Livings in Gloucestershire, 1650L. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt85-98
The Jerninghams of PainswickJ. N. Langston99-118
Milestones of the Stroud DistrictC. Cox119-142
A Gold Stater from Kingswood, GlosL. V. Grinsell143-144
Early Iron Age Pottery from Rodborough Common and Duntisbourne AbbotsE. M. Clifford145-146
Stockend Roman SiteI. E. Gray147-147
A 'Forgotten Sculptor' of StroudI. E. Gray148-149
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Contents for volume 84 (1965)
A Flint-Chipping Site on Tog Hill, near MarshfieldC. M. Sykes and S. L. Whittle5-14
Excavations in the King's School Gardens, Gloucester, 1964H. E. O'Neil15-27
The Domesday Tenant of HawlingD. Douglas28-30
Some Early Berkeley LadiesE. S. Lindley31-43
A Landlord in Medieval BristolI. Keil44-52
Some Problems of Water Power-a Study of Mill Siting in GloucestershireJ. Tann53-77
London Merchants on Bristol BridgeD. E. Fitch78-81
Sir Edward Greville III, of MilcoteC. Whitfield82-100
Some 17th-century Token-issuersI. E. Gray101-109
Chandeliers in Gloucestershire ChurchesR. Sherlock110-112
The Daubenys: Part II. V. Hall113-140
Pre-Reform Elections in Gloucester City, 1789-1831G. L. Goodman141-160
Tracy of Toddington ManorM. J. Mccarthy161-174
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Contents for volume 85 (1966)
Sale's Lot Long Barrow, Withington, Gloucestershire, 1962-1965H. E. O'Neil5-35
Roman Remains from the Severn Bridge Approach at AustT. W. J. Solley36-44
Some Aspects of Celtic Religion in Gloucestershire and the CotswoldsJ. P. Alcock45-56
Bledisloe Excavations, 1964A. Dornier57-69
Upton, Gloucestershire, 1959-1964R. H. Hilton and P. A. Rahtz70-146
Edward Bell of NewlandB. S. Smith147-155
The Manor of YateE. S. Lindley156-163
Records of the Cordwainers' Society of Tewkesbury, 1362-1941C. R. Elrington164-174
The Daubneys: Part III. V. Hall175-201
The Bore Diameter of Clay Tobacco Pipes made at Bristol between 1620 and 1850D. B. Whitehouse202-206
A Palaeolithic Implement from Poole KeynesL. V. Grinsell207-208
The Royce Collection of Cotswold Antiquities: SupplementL. V. Grinsell, and D. Janes209-213
Tumulus near Bown Hill Long BarrowE. M. Clifford214-215
A Beaker from Leckhampton, Cheltenham, GloucestershireH. E. O'Neil, and J. S. Bunt216-217
Roman Coins from Sea MillsR. Reece218-220
An Unnoticed Reference to a Member of the Canynges FamilyJ. Fines221-223
Sargent of Gloucester, U.S.AW. T. Sargeaunt224-226
Milestones of the Stroud DistrictC. Cox227-228
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Contents for volume 86 (1967)
GlevumL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt5-15
Bevan's Quarry Round Barrow, Temple Guiting, 1964H. E. O'Neil16-41
The Excavation of an Iron Age Hillfort on Bathampton Down, SomersetG. J. Wainwright42-59
Experiment in Iron Age AgricultureP. J. Reynolds60-73
Excavations at the Romano-British Villa in Barnsley Park, Cirencester, 1961-66G. Webster74-83
Report on the Coleopterous Fauna of the Roman Well at Barnsley ParkG. R. Coops and P. J. Osborne84-87
1-5 King's Square, Gloucester, 1960A. G. Hunter88-94
Excavations at the Shire Hall Site, Gloucester, 1965R. Abbott95-101
Two Mosaicists of the Corinian SchoolD. E. Johnston102-106
Some Account Books of the Phelps Family of DursleyJ. Tann107-117
Turnpike Houses of the Stroud DistrictC. Cox118-150
The Building of, and the Subsequent Running of, the Westbury-on-Trym Workhouse, Near BristolM. S. Moss151-172
Industrial Archaeology in the Stroud AreaL.. F. J. Walrond173-182
Sheriffs of Gloucestershire Since 1832B. S. Smith183-192
Silver Coins of the Dobunni from NauntonL. V. Grinsell193-194
A Penannular Brooch from Kings Weston Roman VillaG. C. Boon195-196
Two Romano-British Burials at KingsholmR. Abbott197-198
Skeletons from GloucesterE. M. Clifford199-199
Underground Chambers, Miserden, GlosE. M. Clifford200-200
The Distribution of Ham Green PotteryK. J. Barton201-202
Recent Discoveries of Wall-PaintingsW. I. Croome203-205
Richard Aylworth and Sudeley CastleI. E. Gray206-206
Some Gloucester 18th Century TokensJ. N. Taylor207-208
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Contents for volume 87 (1968)
Gloucestershire Records: A RetrospectI. E. Gray5-13
Report on Late Neolithic Pits at Cam, GlosI. Smith14-28
The Roman Settlement on the Fosse Way at Bourton Bridge, Bourton-on-the-Water, GloucestershireH. E. O'Neil29-55
The Westminster Bank, Westgate Street, GloucesterA. G. Hunter56-64
Cirencester Coin CollectionsD. Atkinson65-70
The First Stone Church at DeerhurstE. Gilbert71-95
The Churches of Berkeley HernesseB. R. Kemp96-110
The Water Supplies of the Abbey of St Peter and the Priory of the Grey Friars, GloucesterL. E. W. O. Fullbrook-Leggatt111-118
Gloucester Diocesan RecordsI. Kirby119-130
Excavations on the Medieval Defences, Portwall Lane, BristolM. G. Hebditch131-143
Bee-boles at Olveston Court, GlosJ. W. Whiston144-148
Bristol's Roads and Communications on the Eve of the Industrial Revolution, 1740-I780P. T. Marcy149-172
Bristol in the General Elections of 1818 and 1820J. Williams173-201
Romano-British Cinerary Urn from Syreford, GlosJ. S. Bunt202-202
Some New Romano-British Sites in GloucestershireH. S. Gracie203-205
A note on the Troubles under King JohnC. Morris206-208
The Sternhold MysteryI. E. Gray209-212
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Contents for volume 88 (1969)
Gloucestershire and the Counter-ReformationP. V. McGrath5-28
Experiment in Iron Age AgricultureP. J. Reynolds29-33
Clear Cupboard Villa, FarmingtonP. E. Gascoigne34-67
The 8th-Century Doorway at Somerford KeynesH. M. Taylor68-73
Upton, Glos., 1964-68P. A. Rahtz74-126
Toddington and the TracysLord Sudeley127-172
The Siege of Gloucester, 1643A. R. Williams173-183
The Construction of the Floating Harbour in Bristol, 1804-9R. A. Buchanan184-204
Jadeite Axe, BeckfordW. L. Cox205-206
A Romano-British Grave near GloucesterR. B. Minett-Smith207-207
Discoveries at Somerford Keynes ChurchR. G. Gibbon208-208
Two Medieval Vessels from GloucesterK. J. Barton209-212
A Berkeley RansomI. E. Gray213-215
A Decree of the High Commission, 1596J. Hitchcock216-217
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Contents for volume 89 (1970)
Mesolithic GloucestershireH. S. Gracie5-10
Cirencester Grammar School, 1960-61R. Reece11-14
Frocester Court Roman Villa; First ReportH. S. Gracie15-86
A Black Samian Vase from FrocesterE. Harris87-89
St. Augustine's Abbey and the Berkeley ChurchesA. Sabin90-98
John TrevisaD. C. Fowler99-108
Gloucestershire Grammar SchoolsA. C. Percival109-122
John DesboroughA. R. Williams123-129
Henry Ryder 0f Gloucester, 1815-24W. J. Baker130-144
Shirehampton: the 1851 CensusS. R. Woods145-155
Whitelaw & Stirrat Turbines at Frocester CourtE. G. Price156-166
Gloucestershire and Brazilian Emigration, 1872-73P. L. R. Horn167-174
Two 'Lost' Mosaics at CirencesterR. Reece175-176
Further Coins from Chedworth VillaR. Reece176-177
Grave Slab at St. Mary de Crypt, GloucesterB. S. Smith177-177
A Cirencester Treasure TroveJ. N. Taylor177-179
Winchester and DeerhurstM. Biddle179-181
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Contents for volume 90 (1971)
Excavations on Leckhampton HillS. T. Champion5-21
Archaeology and the M5 MotorwayP. J. Fowler and C. V. Walthew (eds.)22-63
Excavations in the Parsonage Field, CirencesterD. M. Rennie64-94
Roman Building MaterialsJ. H. Williams95-119
A Hoard of Roman Silver Coins from WillerseyH. E. O'Neil120-123
An Outbuilding at Wadfield Roman VillaB. Rawes124-128
Deerhurst Church; Excavation 1971P. A. Rahtz129-135
Mediaeval and European CoinsN. du Quesne-Bird136-140
The Beginning of Protestantism in GlosK. G. Powell141-157
Jemmy Wood's JournalI. E. Gray158-177
The Founding of the Glos. County AsylumA. Bailey178-191
Archdeacon Thorp and Kemerton ChurchN. M. Herbert192-215
Toddington and the TracysLord Sudeley216-219
A Gold Stater from KingswoodL. V. Grinsell220-220
King's School Garden ExcavationH. E. O'Neil221-223
Clear Cupboard Villa, FarmingtonP. E. Gascoigne224-224
A Mediaeval Spoon from Bristol HarbourN. du Quesne-Bird225-225
Russian Seals from BristolN. du Quesne-Bird226-227
The Diary of a Bristol MerchantP. K. Griffin228-230
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Contents for volume 91 (1972)
The Work of National Architects in the Bristol AreaT. H. B. Burrough5-13
Prehistoric Skeletons from TormartonR. W. Knight et al14-17
Roman Pottery Kilns at GloucesterB. Rawes18-59
The Chessalls, an Romano-British Settlement at KingscoteB. N. Eagles and V. G. Swan60-91
Bourton Bridge Posting HouseH. E. O'Neil92-116
The End of Roman WestK. Branigan117-128
Deerhurst and ArmoricaE. Gilbert129-149
The Cross-Slabs of GloucestershireR. F. Butler, and L. J. Jones150-158
Medieval Kiln WastersD. P. Dawson et al159-167
The Common KitchenS. J. A. Evans, and S. M. Eward168-174
Bishop Bullingham and Chancellor BlackleechF. D. Price175-198
The Parish Register Evidence for the Population of GloucesterP. Ripley199-206
The General Strike in GloucestershireA. R. Williams207-213
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Contents for volume 92 (1973)
Two Victorian Architects' Work in GloucestershireD. C. W. Verey5-11
Mesolithic Evidence from Troublehouse, Cherington, GloucestershireA. N. Witchell12-20
Archaeology and the M5 Motorway, Second ReportP. J. Fowler, J. Bennett et al21-81
Gauls in Gloucestershire?K. Branigan82-95
The Social Background to the Reformation in GloucestershireK. G. Powell96-120
George Bull, D. DJ. B. T. Homfray121-138
Eight Gloucestershire PipemakersI. C. Walker139-144
Daniel Defoe, John Oldmixon and the Bristol Riot 0f 1714P. Rogers145-156
The Cirencester ContestR. W. Jennings157-168
An American in Gloucestershire and BristolA. P. Woolrich169-189
The Hallewell FamilyG. Sanders190-197
Cowley Manor watercolours by Thomas Shotter BoysA. Smart198-201
A Neolithic Stone Axe from AndoversfordB. Rawes202-203
Iron Age Pit, Guiting PowerP. E. Gascoigne204-207
An Iron Signet Ring from CirencesterD. J. Viner208-209
The Roman Site at Tewkesbury ParkB. Rawes210-212
Shakespeare's Cousin, Thomas GreeneI. E. Gray213-215
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Contents for volume 93 (1974)
Gloucestershire in the Early Fourteenth CenturyM. Sharp5-14
Excavations at the New Market Hall, GloucesterM. Hassall and J. Rhodes15-100
Archaeology and the M5 Motorway: Third ReportP. J. Fowler, and J. Bennett101-130
Early Medieval Quarries at EwenR. Reece131-135
The Knights Hospitaller at QueningtonR. Reece136-141
Tewkesbury Abbey, the Despenser MausoleumR. Morris142-155
Trade Trends at Bristol, 1600-1700W. B. Stephens156-161
The Historic Organs of Bristol and GloucestershireH. Byard162-178
A Possible Romano-British site in SherborneP. E. Gascoigne179-179
Church Moorlands, FrocesterE. G. Price179-180
A Minchinhampton Custumal, c.1180N. M. Herbert181-182
Bronze Closing Ring from St Nicholas Church, GloucesterJ. N. Taylor182-183
The Dymock CurseB. S. Smith183-184
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Contents for volume 94 (1976)
Berkeley Plantation, VirginiaJ. E. Gethyn-Jones5-17
Severn Valley WareP. V. Webster18-46
Archaeology and the M5 Motorway: Fourth ReportP. J. Fowler, J. Bennett and V. S. Hill47-91
The Ashcroft Site, CirencesterR. Reece92-100
The Harrowing of Hell Relief in Bristol CathedralM. Q. Smith101-106
Gloucester and Gloucestershire in Domesday BookD. G. Walker107-116
Trade and Social Structure of Gloucester, 1600-1640P. Ripley117-123
Paper and Board MillsF. J. T. Harris124-135
Two Vanished Fishponds HousesH. T. Phillips and C. R. Hudleston136-140
Denarius of Carausius from WitcombeN. T. Shiel141-141
Roman Glazed VesselB. Rawes141-144
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Contents for volume 95 (1977)
The Prehistoric Occupation of Churchdown HillH. Hurst5-10
Salmonsbury, Bourton on the WaterH. E. O'Neil11-23
Wells' Bridge, BarnwoodB. Rawes24-39
Archaeology and the M5 Motorway. Gloucestershire 1969-75: A Summary and AssessmentP. J. Fowler40-46
Pilgrim Signs and other Badges in Bristol City MuseumS. Barker47-50
Thornbury CastleA. D. K. Hawkyard51-58
Dr Abraham Gregory, Prebendary of Gloucester CathedralS. J. A. Evans and S. Eward59-67
Chest-tombs and 'Tea-caddies'W. R. Elliott68-85
Higher Education in Bristol and Gloucestershire. 1650-1750J. R. Holman86-97
The Jacobs of Bristol, GlassmakersZ. Josephs98-101
Archaeology in Gloucestershire, 1973-75B. Rawes (ed.)102-107
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Contents for volume 96 (1978)
Non-resident Clergy of Bristol and GloucestershireC. R. Hudleston2-8
The Pre-Belgic Iron Age in the Northern CotswoldsA. J. Marshall9-16
Material from Iron-Age Sites in the Northern CotswoldsA. J. Marshall17-26
Excavations at Icomb HillA. Saville27-31
The Guild of Kalendars, BristolN. I. Orme32-52
Gloucester's Parliamentary Elections, 1604-40J. K. Gruenfelder53-59
A Gloucestershire Regiment in the Seven Years' WarJ. W. Wyatt60-68
Paleolithic Implement from Cerney WickD. J. Viner69-73
Excavations on Minchinhampton CommonL. Bruce and D. Wilkinson70-73
The Gloucester Roman AntefixE. J. Phillips74-77
Roman Pottery Kilns at GloucesterB. Rawes77-78
A Votive Relief of Mars from StancombA. J. Marshall78-79
Ancient Quarry at Manless TownB. Rawes and E. D. Gander79-82
Perpendicular ArchitectureD. C. W. Verey82-82
Archaeology in Gloucestershire, 1976-77B. Rawes (ed.)83-90
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Contents for volume 97 (1979)
The Bells of Gloucester CathedralG. Thurlow5-7
Frocester Court Roman Villa: Second ReportH. S. Gracie and E.G. Price9-64
Observations in Dyer Street and Market Place, CirencesterR. J. Zeepvat65-73
A Gloucestershire Postscript to the 'Domesday of Inclosures'I. E. Gray75-80
The Bishop's Palace, GloucesterP. E. Chandler81-83
Apprenticeship as a Factor in Migration: Bristol 1675-1726J. R. Holman85-92
The Newnham and London TradersN. M. Herbert93-100
Gloucestershire Agriculture 1801-1854J. Phillip Dodd101-116
An Acheulian Handaxe from South CerneyP. F. Whitehead117-118
The Druid Stoke Megalithic MonumentL. V. Grinsell119-121
A Late Roman Signet-Ring from CirencesterM. Henig121-123
The Severn BoreI. E. Gray123-126
Archaeology in Gloucestershire, 1978B. Rawes (ed.)126-130
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Contents for volume 98 (1980)
Calcutta in the CotswoldsB. Little5-10
The Romano-British Site at Wycomb, AndoversfordB. Rawes11-55
Roman Cemeteries in Gloucester DistrictC. M. Heighway57-72
Survivals of the Medieval Monastic Estate of FrocesterE. G. Price73-88
Romanesque Sculpture at Tewkesbury AbbeyM. Thurlby89-94
Monasticon Anglicanum and the History of Tewkesbury AbbeyP. B. Pepin95-97
The Religious Sympathies of the Gentry in Gloucestershire, 1200-1500N. Saul99-112
Geographical and Social Origins of Bristol Apprentices, 1542-1565A. Yarbrough113-130
Age at Baptism in Gloucester in the Mid Seventeenth CenturyS. Porter131-134
The Economy of the City of Gloucester, 1660-1740P. Ripley135-154
The Influence of the Oxford Movement on Parish Life: St. Cyr's, StinchcombeN. Jacques155-170
A Petition from Master Nicholas de Derneford to Edward 11A. J. Taylor171-172
The Rebuilding of a House in Gloucester, 1701-2S. Davies173-177
Archaeological Review, 1979B. Rawes (ed.)178-186
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Contents for volume 99 (1981)
Some Reflections on the Society's First Overseas VisitB. J. Ashwell5-14
Two Early Bronze Age Flat Bronze Axeheads from OddingtonS. Needham and A. Saville15-20
The Excavation of a Romano-British Rural Establishment at Barnsley Park: Part IG. Webster21-78
Building-Excavations at the Cross, GloucesterA. G. Hunter79-108
Wheel-God and Ram-Headed Snake in Roman GloucestershireM. Green109-116
The Archaeological Investigation of the Approach Route to Crickley Hill Country ParkT. C. Darvill117-122
Two Eighteenth-Century Gloucester GardensM. E. Richards123-126
Bonded Servants on the North American Continent in the Eighteenth Century: Some New Evidence from BristolH. B. Jameson127-140
The Gloucestershire Steam Plough Company, 1860-2C. Miller141-156
Kells of Gloucester and Ross: Agricultural Implement MakersS. Davies157-166
A Medieval Wall-Painting at HailesJ. Edwards167-169
Abel Wantner: An Unpublished Gloucestershire HistorianB. Frith170-172
Archaeological Review, 1980B. Rawes172-179
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Contents for volume 100 (1982)
General Sir James Bucknall Bucknall-EstcourtD. Large5-18
The Birdlip CemeteryY. J. E. Staelens19-31
Gloucester Severn Valley WareB. Rawes33-46
The ARVERI and TPLF Stamped Roman Ceramic Tiles in the Cotswolds and Severn ValleyT. C. Darvill47-63
The Excavation of a Romano-British Rural Settlement at Barnsley Park: Part IIG. Webster and L. Smith65-189
Excavations at St John's Hospital, Cirencester, 1971 and 1976R. H. Leech and A.D. McWhirr191-209
A Seventeenth-Century Consistory Court CaseP. Ripley211-220
Early Policing Methods in GloucestershireB. C. Jerrard221-240
Sir Charles Dilke as M.P. for the Forest of DeanJ. R. Howe241-248
A `Banjo' Type Enclosure at NorthleachT. C. Darvill and R. C. Hingley249-251
A Roman Bronze BustM. Henig and R. Goodburn251-253
A Roman Bronze Ring from CirencesterM. Henig253-254
An Inventory of Bristol Grammar School, 1658F. A. Neale254-257
Archaeological Review for 1981B. Rawes (ed.)258-266
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Contents for volume 101 (1983)
The Function of Chedworth Roman 'Villa'G. Webster5-20
Excavations at Condicote Henge Monument, Gloucestershire, 1977A. Saville21-47
Frocester Court Roman Villa, Third Report 1980: the WellE. G. Price49-76
A Doughton Charter Re-AssessedE. F. M. Prince77-81
Tanners' Hall, GloucesterC. M. Heighway83-109
Malaria in Medieval Gloucestershire: an Essay in EpidemiologyP. Franklin111-122
The Origins of Bristol Migrants in the Early Fourteenth Century: the Surname EvidenceS. Penn123-130
Protestant Dissent in Gloucestershire: a Comparison between 1676 and 1735A. E. Jones131-145
The Population Geography of Samuel Rudder's GloucestershireD. Gowing147-159
The Early Development of the Building Society Movement in the Cheltenham RegionR. Homan161-170
A Cup- and Ring-Marked Stone from Nottingham Hill, GotheringtonR. W. B. Morris and A. Marshall171-174
Earthworks at Abbey (Alveston) and Elberton (Aust)T. W. J. Solley174-180
Excavations at Stoke Orchard ChurchR. H. Leech181-183
Earthworks and Remains at Olveston CourtP. J. Ellis183-187
Observations at Didmarton Church, 1981R. Bryant185-185
The Cult of Prince Edward at TewkesburyN. J. Rogers187-189
Archaeological Review, 1982B. Rawes (ed.)189-196
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Contents for volume 102 (1984)
Gloucestershire and the Iron Age of Southern BritainB. W. Cunliffe5-15
A Stone Battle-Axe from Wotton-under-Edge, and a Review of Battle-Axe and Macehead finds from GloucestershireA. Saville and F. E. S. Roe17-22
The Romano-British Site on the Portway, near GloucesterB. Rawes23-72
The Archaeology of Gloucester Castle: an IntroductionHenry Hurst73-128
The Building of a Great Church: the Abbey of St Peter's, Gloucester, and its early Norman BenefactorsD. Bates129-132
The Martyrdom Wall-Paintings at St Leonard's Church, StowellJ. Edwards133-140
Upton Deserted Medieval Village, Blockley, Gloucestershire, 1973L. Watts and P. A. Rahtz141-154
Records of four Tewkesbury Vicars, c. 1685-1769I. E. Gray155-172
Richard Champion and the Society of FriendsD. M. Olsen173-195
Excavations at the Perrott's Brook Dyke, Bagendon, 1983T. Courtney and M. Hall197-200
Old Bowling Green site, Tewkesbury: Salvage Observations, 1983T. Courtney and E. Linnell200-204
Earthworks at Bishton Farm, TidenhamP. J. Ellis204-205
Earthwork Surveys of three sites in AvonP. J. Ellis206-210
The Medieval Settlement at Hullasey, CoatesP. J. Ellis210-212
A Romano-Celtic Carved Stone Phallic Figure from Guiting Power, GloucestershireA. Marshall212-215
Observations at Salmonsbury Camp, 1983B. Rawes215-219
A Palaeolith presumed to be from Charlton Abbots, GloucestershireA. Saville219-221
A second Intaglio from The Ditches site, North Cerney, GloucestershireS. D. Trow221-222
Archaeological Review, 1983G. L. Bishop and E. Bishop (eds.)223-232
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Contents for volume 103 (1985)
Assessments of Gloucestershire: Fiscal Records in Local HistoryC. R. Elrington5-16
An Interrupted-Ditch Enclosure at Southmore Grove, Rendcomb, GloucestershireS. Trow17-22
Neolithic and Earlier Bronze Age settlement in the northern Cotswolds: a preliminary outline based on the distribution of surface scatters and funerary areasA. Marshall23-54
Building-Excavations in Southgate Street and Quay Street, Gloucester, 1960A.G. Hunter55-72
The Excavation of a Romano-British Rural Establishment at Barnsley Park, Gloucestershire, 1961,1979, Part IIIG. Webster, P. J. Fowler, B. Noddle and L. Smith73-100
Salvage Recording of Romano-British, Saxon, Medieval, and Post-Medieval remains at North Street, Winchcombe, GloucestershireA. Saville101-139
The Iconography of the 'Wakeman Cenotaph' in Tewkesbury AbbeyP. M. King141-148
Gloucester in the Century after the Black DeathR. Holt149-161
Medieval Smoke Vents and Low Room Walls in the Severn PlainL. F. J. Walrond with C. Powell163-173
The Creation of the Diocese of BristolM. C. Skeeters175-178
A Seating Plan for North Nibley Church in 1629J. Popplewell179-184
Poverty in Gloucester and its Alleviation 1690, 1740P. Ripley185-199
An Episode in the Reform of Gloucestershire Endowed Schools 1869-1871D. Allsobrook201-205
A Neolithic flint axe from LechladeT. C. Darvill207-209
A Roman Pig of Lead found at Syde, GlosD. Elkington and D. J. Viner209-211
Two Stone figure-carvings from CirencesterM. Henig212-214
Bradley Moat and fishponds, Wotton-under-EdgeR. Iles and J. Popplewell214-216
Finds from a pipe-trench at Frocester CourtE. G. and A. J. Price216-220
Two prehistoric implements found near Tytherington, AvonF. E. S. Roe220-222
Organic matter from medieval deposits outside St Nicholas Church, GloucesterV. Straker and C. M. Heighway223-226
A wall-painting of the arms of the Apothecaries Company from Stow-on-the-WoldD. J. Viner and D. Whittet226-229
Archaeological Review No. 9, 1984B. Rawes (ed.)229-238
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Contents for volume 104 (1986)
J. E. Pritchard and the Archaeology of BristolN. Thomas7-25
A Neolithic and Iron Age site at The Loders, Lechlade, GloucestershireT. C. Darvill, R. C. Hingley, M. Jones and J. Timby27-48
Excavations at Saintbridge, Gloucester, 1981T. C. Darvill and J. Timby49-60
The Romano-British settlement at Haymes, Cleeve Hill, near CheltenhamB. Rawes61-93
Excavations in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, 1962-1972: (I) a report on excavation and fieldwork, (II) at Cowl Lane and Back LaneB. K. Davison, J. Hinchliffe and P. J. Ellis95-138
A short history of salt-marsh reclamation at Slimbridge Warth and neighbouring areas, GloucestershireJ. R. L. Allen139-155
Some reused Romanesque material in the Choir Tribune at Gloucester CathedralJ. P. McAleer157-173
Some Knights of the Household of King John with lands in GloucestershireA. Warmington175-182
A Fourteenth-Century Bristol MerchantS. A. C. Penn183-186
The Mural and the Morality Play: a suggested source for a Wall-Painting at OddingtonJ. Edwards187-200
Chartism in Gloucestershire: the contribution of the Chartist Land Plan 1843-1850O. R. Ashton201-209
The Church of St Augustine the Less, Bristol: an interim statementE. J. Boore211-214
Excavations at Back Lane, Winchcombe, 1985C. J. Guy214-219
Cup-marked stones from the Gloucestershire CotswoldsA. Marshall220-225
A Bronze Age palstave from near Cinderford, GloucestershireA. Saville226-228
Mesolithic finds from west GloucestershireA. Saville228-230
Archaeological Review No. 10, 1985B. Rawes (ed.)231-247
Committee for Archaeology in Gloucestershire268-271
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Contents for volume 105 (1987)
Gloucestershire records: the clerks and custodiansB. S. Smith5-14
Sea Mills, Bristol: the 1965-1968 excavations in the Roman town of AbonaeP. J. Ellis15-108
The Gloucestershire section of Domesday Book: geographical problems of the text, part 1J. S. Moore109-132
A dendrochronological analysis of oak timbers from the early medieval site at Dundas Wharf, BristolR. A. Nicholson and J. Hillam133-146
Excavation of a medieval earthwork complex at Hillesley, Hawkesbury, AvonB. Williams147-164
The rise and fall of a medieval village: Little Aston (in Aston Blank), GloucestershireC. C. Dyer165-182
A service for the dead: the form and function of the anniversary in late medieval BristolC. Burgess183-212
A Civil War coin hoard from Weston-sub-Edge, GloucestershireN. Mayhew and D. J. Viner213-222
Christopher Thomas & Brothers Ltd: the last Bristol soapmakers. An aspect of Bristol's economic development in the nineteenth centuryS. J. Diaper223-232
Archaeology in Gloucester 1986233-241
Archaeological Review No. 11, 1986243-250
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Contents for volume 106 (1988)
Cults of the Saints in medieval Bristol and GloucestershireB. Cottle5-18
Excavations at Ditches hillfort, North Cerney, Gloucestershire, 1982-3S. D. Trow19-85
The Gloucestershire section of Domesday Book: geographical problems of the text, part 2J. S. Moore87-106
The excavation of medieval and post-medieval tenements at 94-102 Temple Street, Bristol, 1975B. Williams107-168
Paul Bush, the first bishop of BristolJ. H. Bettey169-172
Bristol merchants and the overseas trade in cider c. 1773-1818P. T. M. Woodland173-188
A plumbata head from CirencesterP. M. Barford189-190
A medieval miniature bucket from Little Cloister House, GloucesterC. M. Heighway and R. Brownsword190-191
Aerial photography in the Upper Thames Valley and Eastern Cotswolds in 1986T. C. Darvill and R. Locke192-198
Two Anglo-Saxon graves at KembleD. Wilkinson198-201
Archaeological observations at Tower Street, CirencesterD. Wilkinson201-203
A copper-alloy terret from Tower Street, CirencesterG. Webster203-204
The Roman quarry at the Querns, CirencesterD. Wilkinson204-207
An early theatre in BristolP. M. E. Jones207-208
Archaeology in Gloucester 1987M. Atkin and A. P. Garrod209-218
Archaeological Review No 12, 1987B. Rawes (ed.)219-224
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Contents for volume 107 (1989)
Archaeology through the Severn Tunnel: the Caerwent Exploration Fund, 1899-1917G. C. Boon5-26
Evaluation work at the Druid Stoke megalithic monument, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, 1983G. H. Smith27-37
Gloucestershire barrows: supplement 1961-1988T. C. Darvill and L. V. Grinsell39-105
Cirencester's early churchA. K. B. Evans107-122
The Gloucestershire section of Domesday Book: geographical problems of the text, part 3J. S. Moore123-148
Thornbury woodlands and deer parks, part l: the earls of Gloucester's deer parksP. Franklin149-169
Abbot Sebrok's pavement: a medieval tile floor in Gloucester CathedralA. P. Kellock171-188
Rodmarton long barrow, Gloucestershire, 1988A. Saville189-193
Excavation of ring-ditch type cropmarks at Guiting Power, GloucestershireA. Marshall193-196
The Hillfort at Burhill, Buckland, Gloucestershire: evidence for occupation during the earliest phases of the iron ageA. Marshall197-202
Roman sites in Stancombe Park, Stinchcombe, GloucestershireJ. Popplewell203-205
Abbotswood Roman villa, Swell, Gloucestershire, 1985T. C. Darvill, P. Greatorex, and D. Rey205-210
Possible Roman/medieval road at Fulford, near Withington, GloucestershireA. Marshall210-217
The Lesser Cloister and a medieval drain at St Augustine's Abbey, BristolE. J. Boore217-222
An earthwork survey at Little Colesbourne, Withington, GloucestershireC. Parry223-228
Recent archaeological work at Kingsweston House, BristolB. Williams228-232
Archaeology in Gloucester 1988M. Atkin and A. P. Garrod233-242
Archaeology in Bristol 1986-89M. Ponsford et al243-251
Archaeological Review No 13, 1988B. Rawes (ed.)253-258
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Contents for volume 108 (1990)
Some aspects of the history of medicine in Gloucestershire, 1500-1800B. Frith5-16
Romano-British and later reclamations on the Severn salt marshes in the Elmore area, GloucestershireJ. R. L. Allen and M. G. Fulford17-32
The Lypiatt CrossR. Bryant, with a contribution by M. Hare33-52
A survey of St James's Church, Lancaut, GloucestershireC. Parry53-103
The Gloucestershire section of Domesday Book: geographical problems of the text, part 4J. S. Moore105-130
The biography of a Parliamentarian soldierS. Porter131-134
Goldsmiths of Gloucestershire, 1500-1800A. J. H. Sale135-169
Three Neolithic axes from the Severn EstuaryJ. R. L. Allen171-174
Archaeology in Bristol 1989M. Ponsford et al175-183
Archaeology in Gloucester 1989M. Atkin and A. P. Garrod185-192
Archaeological Review No 14, 1989B. Rawes (ed.)193-199
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Contents for volume 109 (1991)
Gloucestershire CastlesD. Walker5-23
A Prehistoric and Romano-British Settlement at Vineyards Farm, Charlton Kings, GloucestershireB. Rawes25-89
Roman Dymock - A Personal RecordJ. E. Gethyn Jones91-98
Cirencester Abbey: the first hundred yearsA. K. B. Evans99-116
The Ducal and Royal Acta of Henry Fitz Empress in Berkeley CastleR. B. Patterson117-137
A Medieval Cotswold Village: Roel, Gloucestershire139-170
A hidden workforce: building workers in 14th-century BristolS. A. C. Penn171-178
Court Farm, Lower AlmondsburyK. A. Rodwell179-193
Edward Jenner's Family BackgroundJ. E. Gethyn Jones195-198
Failure in a new technology: smelting iron with coke in south Gloucestershire in the 1770sC. Evans199-206
Lock-ups at Cirencester and BisleyD. J. Viner207-217
A late Saxon mount from Dursley, GloucestershireM. Atkin219-221
Archaeological Review No 15B. Rawes (ed.)223-238
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Contents for volume 110 (1992)
Some Aspects of Architectural Practice in 19th-Century GloucestershireC. Bishop7-11
Gloucester Archaeology, 1900-1990: an Historical ReviewM. Atkin13-36
Traces of Romano-British Christianity in the West CountryG. C. Boon37-52
A Stone Coffin Burial from KembleS. Clews and D. J. Viner53-57
The Church in BerkeleyJ. E. Gethyn Jones59-60
The Woodlands of Woodchester-the Charters ReconsideredC. Cox61-76
Tewkesbury Abbey in the Later Twelfth and Thirteenth CenturiesJ. P. McAleer77-86
A Reconnaissance Map of Medieval Ploughlands in the Vale of BerkeleyJ. R. L. Allen87-97
A Seal of the Knights Hospitaller from St. BriavelsD. H. Williams99-100
The Medieval Quay at Woolaston Grange, GloucestershireM. G. Fulford, S. Rippon, J. R. L. Allen and J. Hillam101-121
A Post-Medieval Mill at WoolastonM. G. Fulford123-128
An Assessment on the Site of the Minster House at Bristol CathedralE. J. Boore129-135
Gloucester's Civil War Trades and Industries, 1642-46D. Evans137-147
A Civil War Coin-Hoard from Ashbrook, Ampney St. MaryD. J. Viner149-150
Mary Smith's Will: a North Nibley Record of 1666J. Popplewell151-158
The Geography of Apprenticeship Migration in Gloucestershire, 1690-1830C. Withers and E. Matthews159-180
The Curtain Parted: or Four Conversations with Hannah More, 1817-1818M. J. Crossley Evans181-211
Archaeological Review No. 16B. Rawes (ed.)213-230
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Contents for volume 111 (1993)
Connections: Gloucestershire, the Bodleian Library, and the Adventures of Roger PlowmanD. G. Vaisey7-20
Excavations at TewkesburyA. Hannan21-75
Kingsweston Villa Revisited: The East Wing Murder and other burialsG. C. Boon77-83
Metal Figurines in the Corinium Museum, CirencesterM. Henig and J. M. Paddock85-93
The Early Years of Keynsham AbbeyN. Vincent95-113
Cirencester Abbey: From Heyday to DissolutionA. K. B. Evans115-142
William Tyndale: Martyr for the Common TongueP. Howard143-146
David Papillon and the Civil War Defences of GloucesterM. Atkin147-164
'Madd, Bedlam Madd': an Incident in Gloucester's 17th-century Municipal History ReconsideredA. R. Warmington165-173
'The only resource for honest poverty' Charity Schoolmasters of the Stroud Region 1760-1830N. M. Herbert175-189
Cirencester Grammar School, the Revd. Dr. John Washbourn, and some Medical PupilsF. E. James191-199
Three Generations of the Exley Family in Bristol Education and Methodism, 1805-1901C. J. Spittal201-213
Archaeological Review no. 17B. Rawes (ed.)215-235
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Contents for volume 112 (1994)
The New Roman Britain - a View from the West CountryK. Branigan9-16
Excavations at a Late Bronze Age Settlement in the Upper Thames Valley at Shorncote Quarry near Cirencester, 1992C. M. Hearne and M. J. Heaton17-57
Symonds Yat Promontory Fort, English Bicknor, Gloucestershire: Excavations 1990-91C. Parry59-72
Jacob's Well, Bristol, Britain's only known medieval Jewish Ritual Bath (Mikveh)R. R. Emanuel and M. W. Ponsford73-86
The Wall Inscriptions of Gloucester Cathedral Chapter House and the De Chaworths of KempsfordM. T. W. Payne and J. E. Payne87-104
Turkdean Church Wall-Paintings, a Cautionary TaleJ. Edwards105-110
Investigations at St. Kenelm's Church, SappertonC. M. Heighway and J. W. S. Litten111-126
Sources for the Life of Colonel MasseyR. K. Howes127-141
The Stained Glass of St. Mary Redcliffe, BristolP. G. Cobb143-166
Donald Atkinson, a neglected Roman ArchaeologistC. Wallace167-176
The Amelia Edwards Lectures. The Egyptian Style in English ArchitectureL. V. Grinsell177-192
Lock-ups at Cirencester and Bisley: an additional NoteA. J. Price and D. J. Viner193-194
Archaeological Review No. 18, 1993B. Rawes (ed.)195-214
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Contents for volume 113 (1995)
Thomas Fulljames, 1808-74: Surveyor, Architect, and Civil EngineerB. G. Carne7-20
Excavations of Neolithic and Bronze Age Ring-Ditches, Shorncote Quarry, Somerford Keynes, GloucestershireA. Barclay and H. Glass with C. Parry21-60
Excavations at King's Meadow near CirencesterM. Roberts61-71
The Historical Simplification of Coastal Flood Defences: Four Case Histories from the Severn Estuary Levels, S.W. BritainJ. R. L. Allen and S. J. Rippon73-88
Iron Acton: a Saxon nucleated villageJ. Manco89-95
From the Font to the Grave in Early Modern DyrhamN. E. Stacy97-120
Ownership and Use of Silver in Gloucestershire, 1660-1740A. J. H. Sale121-150
The Hardwicke Reformatory School, GloucestershireJ. S. Duckworth151-165
A Country Tomb tells a Victorian True StoryK. M. Tomlinson167-178
A Medieval Pyx?P. G. Cobb179-180
Imported German Stonewares in Elizabethan BristolN. du Quesne Bird181-182
Archaeological Review No 19B. Rawes (ed.)183-207
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Contents for volume 114 (1996)
'Time's wheel runs backwards or stops; potter and clay endure'J. Timby7-10
Roman Samian Ware: a study in detectionP. V. Webster10-14
Excavations at West Lane, Kemble: an Iron-Age, Roman and Saxon burial site and a medieval buildingR. King, A. Barber, and J. Timby15-54
Welshbury HillfortD. S. McOmish and N. A. Smith55-63
Edwardus Redivivus: the 'Afterlife' of Edward of CaernarvonR. M. Haines65-86
The Visitation of the Diocese of Gloucester and the State of the Clergy, 1551D. G. Newcombe87-96
The Bishop of Gloucester's Letter about Nonconformist Conventicles, August 1669D. L. Wykes97-104
Natton Seventh Day Baptist Chapel, AshchurchJ. Perry105-129
The Ending of the Cotswold GamesC. J. Bearman131-141
An Earthwork on Rodborough Common, Gloucestershire: a review of the evidenceC. Parry143-157
The Archaeological and Local History Societies of GloucestershireD. J. H. Smith157-162
Archaeological Review No 20J. A. Rawes and J. Wills (eds.)163-186
Contents for volume 115 (1997)
Early Reformers and Reformation Controversy in Bristol and South GloucestershireJ. H. Bettey9-18
A Romano-British Shaft of Dressed Stone and the Settlement at Oldbury-on-Severn, South GloucestershireJ. R. L. Allen and S. J. Rippon19-27
Anglo-Saxon Figure Sculpture at St. Mary's Priory Church, DeerhurstM. P. M. de Miguel29-40
Kings, Crowns and Festivals: the Origins of Gloucester as a Royal Ceremonial CentreM. Hare41-78
Tewkesbury and the Earls of Gloucester: Excavations at Holm Hill, 1974-5A. Hannan79-231
The Chipping Campden Altar HangingsG. Powell and J. Wilson233-243
Colonel Edward Cooke of Highnam (c. 1622-1684) and Henry Somerset, First Duke of Beaufort: Client and PatronN. R. R. Fisher245-264
A Scatter of Neolithic-Bronze-Age Flintwork from the Intertidal Zone at Hills Flats, South GloucestershireJ. R. L. Allen265-271
The Strensham to Mythe Pipeline, 1991: Observations in GloucestershireC. Parry271-276
Archaeological Review No. 21J. A. Rawes and J. Wills (eds.)277-295
Contents for volume 116 (1998)
Frocester: Landscape and Settlement from the 5th Century to Modern TimesE. G. Price9-24
Excavations near Birdlip, Cowley, Gloucestershire, 1987-8C. Parry25-92
A Prehistoric (Neolithic-Bronze-Age) Complex on the Severn Estuary Levels, Oldbury-on-Severn, South GloucestershireJ. R. L. Allen93-115
Home Farm, Bishop's Cleeve: Excavation of a Romano-British Occupation Site 1993-4A. J. Barber and G. T. Walker117-139
The Borough of Chipping Sodbury and the Fat Men of France (1130-1270)N. Vincent141-159
The Road through Horfield: a reinterpretation of Samuel Seyer's notebook on the parishD. Wright161-173
The Making of Bristol's Victorian ParksC. Young175-184
An Intaglio from Frocester Court, GloucestershireM. Henig and E.G. Price185-186
A Relief of a Mater and Three Genii from Stratton, GloucestershireM. Henig186-189
Archaeological Review No. 22J. A. Rawes and J. Wills (eds.)191-212
Contents for volume 117 (1999)
The Heralds' Visitation of Gloucestershire 1682-3P. L. Dickinson11-33
Excavation of an Extensive Late Bronze-Age Settlement at Shorncote Quarry, near Cirencester, 1995-6C. M. Hearne and N. Adams35-73
Excavations at Camp Gardens, Stow-on-the Wold, GloucestershireC. Parry75-87
Iron-Age, Romano-British and Medieval Occupation at Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire: excavations at Gilder's Paddock 1989 and 1990-1C. Parry89-118
Saxon South CerneyM. l. Oakeshott119-126
Stroud Tradesmen in an Age of Enterprise, 1770-1832N. M. Herbert127-139
The Cheltenham Female Orphan AsylumJ. S. Duckworth141-149
A Bronze-Age Pin from Siddington, GloucestershireD. Enright151-153
A Roman Relief at Little ShurdingtonM. Henig and S. Byrne153-155
A Late Saxon Sculptural Fragment from All Saints' Church, Somerford KeynesR. Bryant and D. J. Viner155-158
Masons' Marks at Gloucester Cathedral TowerC. M. Heighway and P. Mychalysin159-163
The First Issue of Samuel Rudder's The History and Antiquities of GloucesterJ. Parsloe163-166
Archaeological Review No 23J. A. Rawes and J. Wills (eds.)167-186
Contents for volume 118 (2000)
Daneway and Lodge Park: The Archaeology of Two Gloucestershire HousesW. J. Rodwell11-32
A Roman Iron-Smelting Site at Blakeney, Gloucestershire: excavations at Millend Lane 1997A. J. Barber and N. Holbrook33-60
The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Lower Farm, Bishop's Cleeve: excavations directed by Kenneth Brown 1969N. Holbrook61-92
Moated Enclosures on the North Avon Level: survey and excavation at Rockingham Farm, Avonmouth, 1993-7M. Locock and M. Lawler93-122
The Early History of Two Stonehouse Mills: a re-interpretationJ. Hudson123-132
The Africa Trade and the Bristol Gunpowder IndustryB. J. Buchanan133-156
Overlooked Aspects of the 18th-Century Bishop's Palace at GloucesterO. Bradbury157-171
Thomas Gambier Parry and the Founding of the Gloucester Schools of Science and ArtJ. F. Rhodes173-182
Rounded Pebbles in Late Holocene Estuarine Silts, Oldbury-on-Severn: use as slingshot?J. R. L. Allen183-190
A Medieval Water Tank in the Cloister Garth of Gloucester CathedralC. M. Heighway190-201
The Martyrdom of St. Erasmus and Other Lost Wall Paintings from Holy Rood Church, Ampney CrucisD. J. Viner201-206
Redland Hill House and Redland Chapel, BristolW. Evans206-212
Archaeological Review No. 24J. Wills (ed.)213-234
Contents for volume 119 (2001)
From Bristol and Gloucestershire to Greece and TurkeyP. M. Warren9-26
The Landscape Archaeology of the Lydney Level, Gloucestershire: natural and human transformations over the last two millenniaJ. R. L. Allen27-57
A Bronze-Age Burnt Mound at Sandy Lane, Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire: excavations in 1971M. Leah and C. Young59-82
An Archaeological Assessment of Hailey Wood Camp, Sapperton, Gloucestershire: a Roman temple complex in the Cotswolds?T. Moore83-93
Excavations at Greyfriars, Gloucester, in 1967 and 1974-5I. M. Ferris95-146
Aristocratic Poachers in the Forest of Dean: their methods, their quarry and their companionsJ. Birrell147-154
Martin Benson, Bishop of GloucesterJ. Fendley155-176
A Romano-British Brooch from Pope's Hill, GloucestershireJ. Reynolds177-179
A Medieval Lamp from Peter Street, BristolE. J. Boore179-182
The Question of Hannah Moore's Membership of the French Academy ResolvedG. C. Boon and M. J. Crossley Evans182-183
Archaeological Review No. 25J. Wills (ed.)185-210
Contents for volume 120 (2002)
Villages and Non-Villages in the Medieval CotswoldsC. C. Dyer11-35
Shorncote Quarry: excavations of a Late Prehistoric Landscape in the Upper Thames Valley, 1997 and 1998A. Brossler, M. Gocher, G. Laws and M. Roberts37-87
Excavations at West Drive, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire 1997-9T. Catchpole89-102
Chaceley, Meon, Prinknash, and Celtic PhilologyA. Breeze103-106
The Anglo-Saxon Charters of Stoke Bishop: a study of the boundaries of Bisceopes stocD. H. Higgins107-131
The Rooms over the Porches of Bishop's Cleeve and Bredon Parish Churches: a question of datingJ. P. McAleer133-175
Art and Ideology on the Eve of the Reformation: the monument of Osric and the Benedictines of GloucesterJ. M. Luxford177-211
Medical Care in Three Gloucestershire Prisons in the Early 19th CenturyP. M. Higgins213-228
Two Intaglios from the Gloucester AreaM. Henig and R. Atherton229-232
Further Thoughts on a probable Medieval PyxM. J. Crossley Evans232-232
Archaeological Review No. 26J. Wills (ed.)233-256
Contents for volume 121 (2003)
The Last Years of John Rudhall, Bellfounder of Gloucester, 1828-35M. Bliss11-22
Prehistoric and Anglo-Saxon Settlements to the rear of Sherborne House, Lechlade: excavations in 1997C. Bateman, D. Enright and N. Oakey23-96
Excavations at St. Mary de Lode Church, Gloucester, 1978-9R. Bryant and C. M. Heighway97-178
Great Witcombe Roman Villa, Gloucestershire: field surveys of its fabric and environs, 1999-2000N. Holbrook179-200
A Post-Roman Pottery Assemblage from Hills Flats, South Gloucestershire: Trade and Communication by Water in the Severn EstuaryJ. R. L. Allen201-212
John Smyth the Younger of North Nibley and His PapersR Howes213-231
The Probate Inventory of Phillip Greene, a Restoration Brickmaker in Gloucester, 1685J. Broadway233-241
The Gloucester Music Meeting of 1781: glimpses of Gloucester and the triennial music meetings in the letters of Mary YorkeA. E. Jones243-266
Archaeological Review No. 27J. Wills (ed.)267-289
Contents for volume 122 (2004)
Education in Medieval Bristol and GloucestershireN. Orme9-27
Bronze-Age and Romano-British Sites South-East of Tewkesbury: evaluations and excavations 1991-7G. Walker, A. Thomas and C. Bateman29-94
Excavations of Romano-British Sites at Tockington Park Farm and Westerleigh, South Gloucestershire, in 1997P. Masser and B. McGill95-116
Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Remains at Kent Place, Sherborne Street, Lechlade: excavations in 2000D. Kenyon and M. Collard117-126
Jacob's Well, Bristol: Mikveh or Bet Tohorah?J. Hillaby and R. Sermon127-152
Feuding Gentry and an Affray on College Green, Bristol, in 1579J. H. Bettey153-159
William Adams Brodribb, a Transported AttorneyW. J. Lyes161-168
A Twelfth-Century Door in Bristol CathedralJ. H. Bettey and H. Harrison169-171
Archaeological Review No. 28J. Wills (ed.)173-192
Contents for volume 123 (2005)
Country Houses Acquired with Bristol WealthH. G. M. Leighton9-16
Iron-Age Occupation at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire: excavations at Guiting Manor Farm 1997J. Vallender17-54
Romano-British Settlement and Land Use on the Avonmouth Levels: the evidence of the Pucklechurch to Seabank pipeline projectP. Masser, J. Jones and B. McGill55-86
Excavations at St. Andrew's Church, Churchdown, Gloucestershire, 2000P. W. Nichols87-93
The Excavation of an Early Medieval Field System at Hillesley Farm, Hillesley, Gloucestershire, 1997T. Longman95-119
Pottery Production in Westbury-on-Trym during the late 17th and 18th CenturiesR. Jackson121-131
The Open-Air Schools of Bristol and GloucesterJ. Shorey Duckworth133-141
Four Nonconformist Communion CupsA. J. H. Sale143-145
Richard Bigland of FrocesterE.G. Price145-147
Archaeological Review No. 29J. Wills (ed.)149-185
Contents for volume 124 (2006)
The Severn Flood-Plain at Gloucester in the Medieval and Early Modern PeriodsJohn Rhodes9-36
R.A.F. Fairford: archaeological evaluation conducted between 1999 and 2001Stewart Hoad37-54
The Archaeology and History of the Former Bryan Brothers' Garage Site, Deanery Road, BristolSimon Cox, Alistair Barber and Mark Collard55-72
An Anglo-Saxon Enclosure at Copsehill Road, Lower SlaughterDavid Kenyon and Martin Watts73-110
The Rivers Boyd of Gloucestershire and Bude of CornwallAndrew Breeze111-112
Hannah More's ParentsWilliam Evans113-130
Methodism in Late 19th-Century Bristol: as exemplified by the life, preaching engagements and writings of Joseph Perry Distin (1844-98)M.J. Crossley Evans131-207
John Cornock's Silver Tankard of 1781 from the Vale of BerkeleyDavid Viner and Stephen Wood209-212
Archaeological Review No. 30Jan Wills and Toby Catchpole213-232
Contents for volume 125 (2007)
The Berkeley Castle MunimentsDavid Smith11-28
Excavations at Spratsgate Lane, Somerford Keynes, Gloucestershire, 1995 and 1996Jo Vallender29-93
Iron-Age to Saxon Farming Settlement at Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire: excavations south of Church Road, 1998 and 2004Julie Lovell, Jane Timby, Gail Wakeham and Michael J. Allen95-129
Roman Dymock: IntroductionToby Catchpole, Tim Copeland and Ann Maxwell131-6
Excavations at the Sewage Treatment Works, Dymock, Gloucestershire, 1995Toby Catchpole137-219
Excavations at land adjacent to the Rectory, Dymock, Gloucestershire, 2002Andrew Simmonds220-35
Dymock: its origins and functionToby Catchpole, Tim Copeland and Andrew Simmonds235-7
Regional ContextToby Catchpole237-8
Future Research DirectionsToby Catchpole238-45
Alfred Jowett Selley (1854-1945): the man and his 'collection'David Cemlyn247-57
Quakers in Gloucester: the first fifty years, 1655-1705R. Lacock259-93
Walled Gardens at Berkeley Castle, GloucestershireGeorge H. Nash295-310
The Reform of Gloucester's Municipal Corporation in 1835Alan Sparkes311-29
13 Portland Street, Cheltenham: an example of the architecture of Masonic prefermentOliver Bradbury331-9
Archaeological ReviewJan Wills & Jon Hoyle341-66
Contents for volume 126 (2008)
Reading the Stones: archaeological recording at Gloucester cathedralCarolyn Heighway11-30
Excavations of Iron-Age and Roman Occupation at Coln Gravel, Thornhill Farm, Fairford, Gloucestershire, 2003 and 2004Dan Stansbie, Alex Smith, Granville Laws and Tim Haines31-82
A Lead-lined Stone Coffin Cremation Burial from Harnhill, GloucestershireNeil Wright83-90
The South Gate Cemetery of Roman Gloucester excavations in Parliament Street, 2001Neil Holbrook and Clifford Bateman91-106
Excavations at Lower Mill Farm, Somerford Keynes, Gloucestershire, 2001Mark Brett and Annette Hancocks107-11
Excavations at Temple Church, Bristol: a report on the excavations by Andrew Saunders, 1960Stewart Brown113-29
A Circular Moat at Long Hills Farm, Mickleton, GloucestershireEdward Carpenter131-8
Roger Mortimer's ScamRoy Martin Haines139-56
Paradise on a Limited Budget: how Norborne Berkeley funded his improvements at Stoke ParkWilliam Evans157-65
The Consistory Court of the Bristol DioceseJoseph Bettey and W. John Lyes167-71
Archaeological ReviewJan Wills & Jon Hoyle173-91
Contents for volume 127 (2009)
Arthur's Acre: a Saxon bridgehead at BristolRoger H. Leech11-20
Mid-Holocene Vegetation History and Human Impact in the Middle Severn Estuary: palaeoenvironmental data from the coastal submerged forest at Woolaston, GloucestershireAlex Brown21-43
Excavation of a Neolithic to Roman Landscape at Horcott Pit near Fairford, Gloucestershire, in 2002 and 2003Hugo Lamdin-Whymark, Kate Brady and Alex Smith45-129
Archaeological excavation adjacent to the Tanners' Hall, Gloucester, in 1997 and 1998Jo Vallender131-93
A Roman Villa Complex at Withington, GloucestershireStephen Thompson and Robert Armour Chelu195-202
The First Badminton House: discovery of a Late Roman mosaic in South GloucestershireRichard Osgood203-211
A Possible Late Saxon Sculptural Tribute to St Jordan of Bristol: 'Christ Preaching in Limbo' otherwise 'The Harrowing of Hell' bas-relief in Bristol CathedralDavid H. Higgins213-31
Changing Landscape and Society in a Cotswold Village: Hazleton, Gloucestershire, to c.1600Christopher Dyer and David Aldred233-68
Bristol's Law Societies 1661 to 1945W. John Lyes269-89
The Revd John Adey Pratt (1811-1867) of Kingsland Chapel, Bristol: a previously unknown likeness, and his life and ministryM.J. Crossley Evans291-302
Archaeological ReviewJan Wills & Jon Hoyle303-22
Contents for volume 128 (2010)
Anatomising an Archaeological Project ? Hazleton RevisitedAlan Saville9-27
Two Neolithic Pits at King's Stanley, GloucestershireDavid Evans29-54
Iron Age and Romano-British Activity at Arle Court, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 1999Richard Cuttler55-72
The Avon Floodplain at Bristol: Excavations at Templar House, Temple Way, in Bristol 2004 and 2005Kevin Colls73-120
A Royalist Bastion? Evidence from 30 Gloucester Lane, Old Market, BristolAndrew King with Rod Burchill, Reg Jackson, Ticca Ogilvie, Julie Jones, Ann Linge and Lorrain Higb121-45
An Earl's Land Lease Revisited: Notes on the 8th-century charter sometimes referred to as 'The Bibury Charter' with an alternative suggestion regarding its BoundsPatrick Mansell147-60
Abel Wantner and his History of the City and County of GloucesterJohn Fendley161-87
The House of Pinney and Garnett's Patent RollersOwen Ward189-205
List of Sheriffs of GloucestershireChristopher Elrington207-27
Archaeological ReviewJan Wills & Jon Hoyle229-47
Contents for volume 129 (2011)
Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Activity at the Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, South GloucestershireAndrew Simmonds11-35
A Neolithic Flint Axe from Poole Keynes, GloucestershireTimothy Darvill37-9
Wortley Romano-British Villa Site: Reconstructing Painted Wall- Plaster found in the cellarAlan Bagnall and Beryl Taylor41-52
The M541 from Abonae: excavation of a Roman road at Henbury, BristolDonna Young53-67
Medieval Settlement Evidence from Lower Poole Road, Dursley: Excavations in 2007E.R. McSloy, Mary Alexander and David Kenyon69-77
Temple Back: Excavating Bristol's Industrial HistoryKirsten Egging Dinwiddy with John Chandler79-116
Aust (Gloucestershire) and Myths of Rome's Second Augusta Legion and St Augustine's 'Oak' ConferenceDavid Higgins117-37
Morcote in Hartpury and the Domesday Geography of Longbridge HundredSimon Draper139-45
A 15th-Century Drawing of Gloucester Abbey ChurchJulian Luxford147-54
Some Local Place-Names in Medieval and Early-Modern BristolRichard Coates with the collaboration of Jennifer Scherr155-96
Norborne Berkeley's Politics: Principle, Party or Pragmatism?William Evans197-219
Notes & QueriesH.G.M. Leighton221-41
Archaeological ReviewJan Wills & Jon Hoyle243-59

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