AGM 2021 - login problems, results of voting

Several members have notified us that they had problems logging in at the AGM on 10 April 2021. We have not yet identified the cause(s) of this, but apologise for the understandable frustration. In the event, members will be reassured to know that a quorum (50 members) was comfortably achieved and that all motions put to the meeting were carried by a substantial majority. Ahead of the formal minutes of the meeting, we can state that the results of the online voting were as follows:

Motion 1     Adoption of Council’s 2020 report

For    52               Against       0                 Abstain 0

Motion 2     Adoption of Trustees’ 2020 report and accounts

For    57               Against       0                 Abstain 0

Motion 3     Appointment of independent examiner for 2021

For    54               Against       0                 Abstain 1

Motion 4     Approval of subscription setting arrangements

For    51               Against       2                 Abstain 2

Motion 5     Approval of governance arrangements

For    56               Against       0                 Abstain 1

[corrected at 17:43, 11.04.21]