Transactions: latest reviews

There’s sometimes an unavoidable delay between our receiving book reviews, and their formal publication in the next issue of the Transactions. We therefore post selected items here, to give readers an early sight of them.

  • Mark Glancy, Cary Grant, The Making of a Hollywood Legend, Oxford Cultural Biographies (OUP 2020)review by J Stevens
  • John Briggs (Ed): Open to God, Open for All: The History of Tyndale Baptist Church, Bristol 1868-2018. (Tyndale Baptist Church and The Baptist Historical Society, 2018) review by M J Crossley Evans
  • Tom Moore, A Biography of Power: Research and Excavations at the Iron Age ‘oppidum’ of Bagendon, Gloucestershire 1979-2017, (Oxford, Archaeopress Archaeology 2020)review by Tim Copeland
  • Roger Leech and Pamela Leech (eds), The Colonial Landscape of the British Caribbean, (The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Monograph 11. Boydell, Woodbridge 2021) – review by James Hodsdon
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  • Andrew Adonis, Ernest Bevin, Labour’s Churchill, (Biteback, 2020) – review by William Evans
  • Alistair Marshall, Excavation, analysis and interpretation of early Bronze Age barrows at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire (Archaeopress, 2020) – review by Timothy Darvill
  • Alistair Marshall, The Development of an Iron Age and Roman Settlement Complex at The Park and Bowsings, near Guiting Power, Gloucestershire: Farmstead and Stronghold. (Archaeopress, 2020) review by Tim Copeland
  • Alistair Marshall, The Later Saxon and Early Norman Manorial Settlement at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire: Archaeological investigation of a Domesday Book entry (Archaeopress, 2020) – review by Michael Hare
  • Anthea Jones, Johannes Kip: the Gloucestershire engravings (Hobnob Press (in association with Gloucestershire Gardens and Landscape Trust), 2021) – review by Richard Coates
  • Helen Doe, SS Great Britain, Brunel’s Ship, Her Voyages, Passengers and Crew    (Amberley, Stroud, 2019) – review by William M Fowler
  • Rose Hewlett (ed.), The Gloucestershire Court of Sewers 15831642 (BGAS Gloucestershire Record Series, Volume 35, 2020)review by Nicholas Herbert
  • Alec Hamilton, Arts and Crafts Churches (Lund Humphries, 2020) – review by Janet Sinclair
  • Susan Scott (ed.), Orphans, Widows and Guardians in Medieval and Early Modern Bristol: the Register of Recognizances, 1333-1594 (Bristol Record Society, 2020) – review by Gillian Draper
  • John Stevens (ed.), The Bristol Poll Book for 1852 (Bristol Record Society, 2020 – review by Kathryn Rix
  • John Simpson (ed.), Managing Poverty: Cheltenham Settlement Examinations and Removal Orders, 1831-52 (BGAS Gloucestershire Record Series, Volume 34, 2020) – review by Sue Rowbotham
  • Robert B Patterson,The Earl, the Kings and the Chronicler: Robert, Earl of Gloucester and the Reigns of Henry I and Stephen (OUP 2019) review by Peter Fleming
  • Peter Griffin, History of King’s Stanley (including Middleyard and Selsley) (Past Historic, 2020)review by John Loosley
  • Alan Sutton (ed.), The Complete Diary of a Cotswold Parson. The Diaries of the Revd Francis Edward Witts 1783-1854 in 10 volumes. (Vols 1-8: Amberley Publishing, Stroud, 2008-9; vols 9 and 10: Fonthill Media, Stroud, 2018 and 2020)review by Steven Blake
  • Jan Broadway, The Wives of the Berkeleys: families and marriage in Tudor and Stuart England. (Xmera Ltd, 2021)review by David Smith
  • Julian Luxford (ed.) with contributions by Adrian Ailes and Susan Powell, The Founders’ Book: A Medieval History of Tewkesbury Abbey. A Facsimile of Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Top. Glouc. D.2, (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2021) – review by Anthea Jones
  • Peter Davenport, Roman Bath: A New History and Archaeology of Aquae Sulis (Stroud: The History Press, 2021) review by Graham Barton

Disclaimer: the trustees of the Society are not responsible for any statement made or opinion expressed in these reviews; the reviewers alone are responsible for their reviews. No alteration to these reviews will be considered unless to correct an error of a purely factual nature.