Transactions: latest reviews

There’s sometimes an unavoidable delay between our receiving book reviews, and their formal publication in the next issue of the Transactions. We therefore post selected items here, to give readers an early sight of them.

  • Mark Glancy, Cary Grant, The Making of a Hollywood Legend, Oxford Cultural Biographies (OUP 2020)review by J Stevens
  • John Briggs (Ed): Open to God, Open for All: The History of Tyndale Baptist Church, Bristol 1868-2018. (Tyndale Baptist Church and The Baptist Historical Society, 2018) review by M J Crossley Evans

Disclaimer: the trustees of the Society are not responsible for any statement made or opinion expressed in these reviews; the reviewers alone are responsible for their reviews. No alteration to these reviews will be considered unless to correct an error of a purely factual nature.